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  • Get Funky With Beetle And Bottle

    Hello! We are Heetal and Kanan, co-founders of Beetle and Bottle. We first got to know each other many moons ago in our pre-mommy days. We spent many days (and quite a few late nights) working as a creative and client servicing team in an advertising agency. Through the infinite deadlines of our advertising [...]

  • Style Reinvented With Little Pixie

    The Itch Factor!

    I think most women in their mid to late 20’s (like myself); can safely say that their birthday parties from infancy to toddlerhood, were not always pleasant experiences. The cake was great, numerous presents made the day, and getting together with family and friends was the best part – but then there [...]

  • Bunch Of Activities With Learning Room

    My Motherhood Days

    Motherhood, a precious ten-letter word that scores a perfect ten in my list of must do things. It is the hardest that I have ever worked but at the same time most that I ever smiled. I know that it has brought out the best in me, a unique opportunity to unlearn [...]

  • Dress Up With Eight Thousand Miles

    Stories Of Travel And Tailors

    The 'boho-chic' design quotient has been an integral part of my personality. Growing up in India, I've always had a torrid love affair with fabric,especially printed cottons. Spoilt for choice with the many prints, patterns, textures and colours, I spent a lot of my teenage years courting/ cheating on many [...]

  • Science Is Fun With Your Little Explorers

    A Child – Your Best Teacher

    I used to find it hard to believe, when people said ‘Oh, it all happened by accident’. How can you find something you love to do by accident? But one day, the same happened to me.
    I had a great IT job and was very happy doing what I was [...]

  • Explore Reading With Little Readers Nook

    My love for books

    I have been an avid reader right from childhood; some would say a bookworm, preferring the company of a good book to almost anything else. I love books set in exotic places and cultures, especially historical that transports me to a different place and time.
    Even before I became a mother, it [...]

  • New Type Of Play With Tech Toys

    Toys and Technology are perfect partners. Children will always be fascinated by technology: they love anything which brings a new dimension to play. Their enquiring minds are hungry to learn, and they love to be entertained. When there is a successful marriage of toys and technology, it can achieve all these [...]

  • Charm Your Little One With Little Charms

    My dreamy world

    My high school years were full of fantasizes of my being a business woman attending board meetings!
    Quite weird it may sound but that was the dream I use to see with open eyes not knowing when it would be real. But it is just that best things happen when they have the right [...]

  • Fun N Frolic With Creativity 4 Tots

    My Pregnancy days

    During my pregnancy, I was an avid reader, a lovable couch potato, a yoga master and a great walker. I did everything including eat, eat and eat. My in laws, specially my father – in – law, made it a point to make me laugh every time we would get together in the [...]

  • Fit 4 Life

    At the start of the 21st century, when the market became dominated by educational toys, funny situations had ensued. Some traders did not want "regular" products anymore. They were saying: "We will not order this teddy bear; the child cannot learn anything from it". What was the manufacturer doing in [...]

  • Trunk Of Goodies With Tiny Tickle

    My Childhood Days

    As a child I was completely showered with attention and pampered silly by all the members of my joint family. I had a sheltered childhood full of compassion and love...the faith that was bestowed upon me as a child later gave me confidence to carve a niche in whatever I tried to be [...]

  • Oodles Of Fun With Cheeky Monkey

    Our Childhood Rocked

    Kiran and I (Neeti) are both stay-at-home moms. We often remember our carefree childhood which was filled with fun, and laughter. We use to derive pleasure from the simple things. We were both tomboys and had a whale of a time, when we were young. It was all about climbing trees, playing outdoors [...]


  • Get Crafty With Creative Kits

    Being A Mother

    Being a mother was a boon to me after 8 long years. Ever since I was pregnant, my husband and I, had already stepped into our new world with a lot of preparations as parents. As I was reading Sujatha’s post, it reminded me of my pregnancy days.
    My Inspiration

    A million thanks to my [...]

  • Doodling Tales With My Needle

    My Childhood
    Like many other children, my childhood days were filled with arts, crafts, and music. Every day was an exciting adventure of creation. I use to love pursuing my hobby and creating something new each day. It was my childhood passion that kept me going through all these years.
    Education and Career
    My creative instincts grew with time [...]

  • My Journey Into The Craft World

    My Childhood
    I have been crafting since I was a little girl. Sitting by my Grandmother, watching her sew and craft, it became almost natural for me to follow in her footsteps. Fascinated by the beauty of Indian sarees, I went on to design and got trained to do handwork on Sari’s and Dresses. Over the [...]

  • My Motherhood Journey With My Son

    Age 0-5 years are the most important phase in a child’s life and I, as a mother totally enjoyed bringing up my child, who is a 12 yr old boy today. Life felt absolutely exciting right from my pregnancy days.
    I would sit hours together reading books, singing rhymes, chanting shlokas, painting and so much more [...]

  • 6 Manners To Teach Your Little Ones

    My parenting style is “laid back”. I allow my kids to be kids. I do not expect perfect angels out of them but, if they come up to me and say-“Mommy, May I please have chocolate milk” and then say “Thank You” after receiving it, it just melts up my heart.
    Before mentioning simple manners that [...]

  • Baby's First Delicacy:Paneer Makhhanwala

    It is said “Trying is always enough”. This is what happened when I introduced paneer to my 2 yr old. I had prepared Paneer makhanwala for my friends and my son tasted it for the first time. Now he insists of having either kheer or Paneer. These two are his favorites. Here is the recipe [...]

  • Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas Eve With Kids

    Deck the halls or Ho..Ho..Ho… We all know that Santa is just around the corner. He is all set to paint the town with colors of joy. Christmas time is indeed cheerful. On this occasion we decided to take a break from all the materialistic pleasures and spend some family time. So, here’s how I [...]

  • Top 5 movies to watch on Christmas

    Some movies that you can watch with your kids. They are not those Disney movies or other animated movies, but ones specially for Christmas.Here is the list of 5 top movies-
    A Charlie Brown Christmas- There is no better movie than this classic one for Christmas. This movie has a wonderful soundtrack and a heartwarming story. The [...]

  • Kids Friendly Dessert: Moong Daal Kheer

    When you eat dessert as a mother, you sometimes wish that your baby also gets to eat some of it. But artificial flavoring, ice, color worry you and then you shelve the entire idea of making dessert for your baby. Why restrict the baby to BABY FOOD?
    So here is a simple, kid friendly dessert for your [...]

  • Baby's First Food : Avocado Puree

    The first time a baby eats solids is a milestone both for the mother and child. I would like to believe that it is a milestone more for the mother than the child because it the beginning of getting your baby to wean off breast milk. It means a lot more sleep in the nights [...]

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  • Childhood Fun And Memories Now- 2

    In addition to my previous post, I am back with some more things that remind us of the fondest memories we have of our childhood. But unfortunately, our children don't even know about them.

    You know you've had the best of childhood if you've owned a Walkman. It was the coolest thing one could have. A [...]

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  • Childhood Fun And Memories Now

    Here is a list of things that we parents grew up with but our kids will never know off. I am just glad that I grew up in the time when I did.
    Ravalgaon Toffees

    ‘Paan’has has been a cultural significance in our Indian culture. However, these days’ kids sulk and make a face when they see [...]

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  • Things I didn't Get Before Becoming A Mom

    Parents are weird. They sing goofy songs in public to make their child smile. They talk in baby language and do random stuff. During my pre-mommy days, I use to find these things so annoying. I promised not do such gross things. Now they are things I don’t even regret doing. Here are a few [...]

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