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  • Fun Around Board Games

    As a child, I have always liked board games. Talking about it, takes me back to my childhood. There must be some or other board game that reminds you of your childhood memories too. Game that reflects the same for me is Ludo and Snakes & Ladders. I still remember those happy times, me and [...]

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  • Monster High On Social Media

    Who says Dolls is synonymous to beauty? We have Monsters as dolls too. Mattel with its hit brand Monster High sweeps the market. After the continued success of Barbie dolls they are focusing on these Monster dolls. These MH dolls have evolved as glamorous and independent women; she is the one partying, holidaying, and so [...]

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  • Top Tips For Buying Infant Toys

    No two kids are alike. Even it applies to close siblings. One might be busy decorating her Barbie’s closet or braiding her hair, while other would be solving his puzzle, building a Lego or playing with Fisher Price Whistle and go. Like their adults counterparts, even kids develop their own tastes and preferences.
    The entire human [...]

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  • Toys from Pollock Toy Museum - Part 2

    Hope you enjoyed reading Toys from Pollock Toy Museum Part 1. Here are some more toys from the Pollock Toy Museum.

    In 1895, Golliwog made his first public appearance in “The Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls”. It was published in London and New York by Longmans Green & Co. Florence Upton made the drawings and her [...]

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  • Toys from Pollock Toy Museum - Part 1

    Ever thought how it would be to visit a toy museum? This post talks about some of the interesting toys from the Pollock Toy Museum. I will be putting up this post in 2 parts.
    Pollocks Toy Museum is one, which has all the toys you can imagine. It is named after Benjamin Pollock, last of [...]

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  • Adventures of Mimi & Momo #012

    Adventures of Mimi & Momo #12

    While watching a soccer match... Momo, thinks of an interesting question. He asks Mimi,  "Mimi, what does a footballer and a magician have in common?" Mimi wondering on what was wrong with Momo asking such a random question said, "What?". To this Momo answers, "THEY BOTH DO HAT-TRICKS!"
    The three then had a hearty laughter.

  • Do you know why we celebrate Fathers Day?

    So you are planning to make this Father’s day special for your real hero! But do you know from where this idea popped up?
    The credit of introducing Fathers Day goes to Sonora Smart Dodd from Spokane, Washington. She wanted to honor her single father. She approached to YMCA Spokane to acknowledge her request to mark [...]

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  • Adventures Of Mimi & Momo #011



    Momo and Mumba are having an interesting conversation.
    Momo asks Mumba - What is the person playing a piano called?
    Mumba answers "A Pianist!"

    Well, its Mumba's turn to ask a question to Momo.

    Mumba asks Momo - What is a person driving a racecar called?
    Momo thinks for a while and answers a "A Racist!"

  • Adventures Of Mimi & Momo #010

     After going for fishing with Momo, Mumba went out for a walk with Mimi. While walking they came across a cat and Mimi began to play with it. Just then Mumba asked Mimi, "Mimi, what do you get when a cat crosses a parrot?". Mimi thought for a while and then responded, "Ya, got it [...]

  • Adventures of Mini & Momo #009

    The day after Mimi's Ballerina Party, Momo and Mumba went fishing to relax.

    While fishing Momo asked Mumba if he knew why fishes lived in salt water. Mumba was puzzled and said he didn't know and he asks Momo for the reason. Momo replies: "Because pepper makes them sneeze!".


  • Adventures of Mini & Momo #008

    Adventures of Mimi and Momo #008

    At a Ballerina Party hosted by Mimi, Mumba was really having a good time. Angry and jealous Momo asks Mimi why she always has the best parties. Mimi replies "Because Ballerinas have the best TURNOUT"


  • Adventures of Mini & Momo #007

    After attending the Grammar class, Mimi, Momo and Mumba decide to go watch a soccer match. The three of them are  enjoying watching their favorite soccer team win the match. Suddenly, naughty Momo thinks of a witty question. He asks Mimi, "So Mimi, do you know why Cinderella got kicked out off the soccer team? [...]

  • Barbie Hairtastic Color & Wash Salon

    One of the things kids like most about Barbie is hair play. Girls love spending time styling and brushing Barbie’s hair. So, why not wash them? Well the Barbie Hairtastic Color and Wash Salon features hair play with a new twist. Coloring, Styling, Shampooing and Washing Barbie’s hair is what this toy allows kids to [...]

  • Adventures of Mimi & Momo #006

    Mimi, Momo and Mumba are attending a grammar class, where the teacher is teaching the kids "Pronouns". The teacher asks Mimi to name 2 pronouns. Just then he realizes that Mimi is fast asleep in class and shouts "MIMI...!"
    Hearing the teacher shout, Mimi frightens and says, "Who, Me?" The teacher thinks Mimi has answered his [...]

  • Adventures of Mimi & Momo #005

    After going for a walk with Mimi, Mumba went out to take a stroll with Momo. While walking Momo tripped over a cool helmet. He picked up the helmet and wondered what could he do with it. Just then Mumba said she knew what they could do with the helmet. Any Guesses? Yes, you are [...]

  • Adventures of Mimi & Momo #004

    After Mimi ate her pizza, she went out for a walk with Mumba to digest her food. While walking they came across a cat and Mimi began to play with it. Just then Mumba asked Mimi, "There are 5 cats on a couch. One jumped off. How many were left?". Mimi thought for a while [...]

  • Top 5 Dance Forms For Children

    Is dancing only important for the dancer? No, dancing has been a very important element of entertainment for both the performer and the audience. Dance whether performed socially or competitively, has a huge impact on the performer’s health. It is advisable to start dancing at an early age as it has a positive impact on [...]

  • Adventures of Mimi & Momo #003

    After fishing, tired Mumba and Momo return home. And here's what they see, Mimi munching on Pizza again! But this time Mimi promises to have only 2 slices of pizza

  • Barbie to sell her Dreamhouse in Malibu for a whooping $25 Million

    Have you heard the latest Barbie news? Seems like Barbie is packing her bags to move out from her Dreamhouse in Malibu. Yes, that’s right!
    The Barbie Dream House is on sale for $25 million. It’s a beautiful three story mansion. The mansion faces the beach and has only three walls to avoid any obstruction of [...]

  • Adventures of Mimi & Momo #002


    On a beautiful summer morning, Momo and Mumba were fishing at the near by lake when Momo suddenly asks, "Mumba, how deep is the water?"

    "About 65 feet", replied Mumba after thinking for a while.

    Momo innocently asks "Whose feet? Yours or mine?"

    Mumba was left puzzled.

  • New Toy Alert: Transformers Construct-Bot

    We all loved the movie Transformers and we loved all the toys. What made it so good was that it was always more than just an action figure or a collectible toy. Unlike the other older types of action figures, this one would change shape and give you a completely new toy figure.
    But we weren’t [...]

  • Adventures of Mimi & Momo #001

    Meet Mimi and Momo, the twins celebrating their birthday. With the many gifts they receive they come across a special airplane – kinny 2013. Tubby the naughty little puppy is fascinated with the airplane and pushes it with his tail. CRASH! Look who magically appears, Mumba.
    Mumba is their secret angel who helps them in their [...]

  • The Barbie story…

    Barbie was the creative imagination of Ruth Handler who saw her daughter play with paper dolls and often gave them adult roles. She suggested the idea to her husband Elliot co-founder of Mattel Toy Company. However, he was unenthusiastic about the idea. Ruth went to Germany and saw an adult figured doll, Bild Lilli. She [...]

  • How Mumba was given shape

    In the beginning, it was like planning a picnic trip! Everyone had a strong view, and there was no consensus. To break the ice, we  selected a picture from the internet. It was a great logo, and we paid quite a bit to get the rights for it. But it was something borrowed, and it [...]

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  • Movie Review: Monsters Inc.

    From the makers of the Toy Story trilogy comes another masterpiece.
    This time Pixar dives in the realm of monsters. The story revolves around the 2 central characters: a blue colour furry behemoth called James Sullivan aka "Sully" (voiced by John Goodman) and Mike Wazowski (voiced by Billy Crystal). Both Sully and Mike work for a [...]

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