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  • Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas Eve With Kids

    Deck the halls or Ho..Ho..Ho… We all know that Santa is just around the corner. He is all set to paint the town with colors of joy. Christmas time is indeed cheerful. On this occasion we decided to take a break from all the materialistic pleasures and spend some family time. So, here’s how I [...]

  • Top 5 movies to watch on Christmas

    Some movies that you can watch with your kids. They are not those Disney movies or other animated movies, but ones specially for Christmas.Here is the list of 5 top movies-
    A Charlie Brown Christmas- There is no better movie than this classic one for Christmas. This movie has a wonderful soundtrack and a heartwarming story. The [...]

  • A Tortoise Walks Around On A Lego Wheel

    Recently, LEGO was in news all over the world. A Doctor in Germany cured a tortoise with a Lego wheel. I wish, even if we in India could use LEGO blocks in such a way. Here is the story of what happened in brief-
    A tortoise named Schildi was found injured, in the countryside of Germany [...]

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  • Reel Life Dads Vs Real Life Dads

    Real dad’s can feel jealous. Real moms glorify your idea of an ideal father to your kids. We bring to you 5 insanely charming reel daddies’ who’ll sweep you off your feet with their o-so-charming traits.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger as Howard Langston– Jingle All the way
    Remember all the hassle that Howard takes to make up for having [...]

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  • Get Ready To Play With Dice+

    My distinct memory of a rolling die dates back to the on-air episode of Mahabharata. Shakuni Mama rubs the die in his hands and limps slightly while walking. I remember growing up with board games like Monopoly, Ludo, Snakes & Ladders and the common theme among these games was the rolling die.  I would wait [...]

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  • Ganesha And Toys

    “You are the speaker, you are the listener and you are the giver- You are Ganesha. The entire country is in the festive mood of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. The only thing I see these days is the beautiful idols of Ganesha all over. Ganesha teaches us a lot of things and the best way he [...]

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  • Unsung Heroes Of Our Lives

                                   Gurur Brahma, Gurur Vishnu, Gurur Devo Maheshwara
                                  Guru Sakshat Parabrahmah Tasmai Shree Guru Veh Namah
    The above Sanskrit verse puts forth the message – A teacher [...]

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  • Love, Films and Rock N Roll

    We're really proud to share the launch of our very own Swayam Ganguly's debut novel - Love, Films and Rock N Roll. The novel is about a train journey involving three young guys:
    Sunil, a graduate from FTII who wants to make a mark in Tollywood
    Sameer aka Sam, a software professional working in Silicon Valley
    Dipankar aka [...]

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  • Child's Perspective Of A New LEGO BLock

    Numerous reports proved that children learn better when they use all their senses – See, touch, hear, smell and taste. Imagine a child who is creating a dinosaur with a play-doh. They are using all their senses while doing so, they can feel the clay and smell it too. Isn’t that the right way to [...]

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  • Why I Love the Chicoo Ducati Monster

    Recently, I went to a toy store and there I saw this Ducati Monster. There I realized passion for motorbikes has no age. I have always been a fan of bikes. I was glad when I got an opportunity to review this Chicco Toys Ducati Monster.
    This Ducati Monster is for little bike lovers. This bike [...]

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  • Become A Scarer At The Monsters University

    Have you been to the MU? Well, if not let me take you through this Monsters University.

    Monsters University is a place where one majors in scaring. The protagonist of the movie Mike Wazowski dreams of becoming a scarer. With his hard work and patience he gets to enter this prestigious university. This movie is produced [...]

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  • Twistoys - Creativity with a New Twist

    Twistoys is a new toy brand run under the Sunlord Company in India. Twistoys products can be categorized in the arts and craft category.
    What are the products like?
    Twistoys works on the ‘twist + tie + decorate’ motto. They are basically tubes of white cloth filled with soft beans. The soft white tubes can be twisted [...]

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  • SpinShotz by Hot Wheels

    SpinShotz is one of the new series of toys and tracksets launched by Hot Wheels. SpinShotz are basically spinning discs that spin at hyper-speed. In other words, a highly engineered version of the good old spinning table tops. These discs spin really fast for a very long time without making a sound. The series not [...]

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  • Toys for Boys

    Girls are easy, but what do boys want? Cars? Trucks? Or Robots? Boys like toys that are action driven. The theory is that boys like toys that allow them to be masculine. Typical wish list of a boy aged 3 to 8 year is likely to include robots, cars, trucks, track sets, collectible figures and [...]

  • Reviewing The Hot Wheels Dragon Destroyer Track Set

    The Hot Wheels Dragon Destroyer track set is much smaller and compact as compared to other hot wheels tracks. However, it is a total value for money.
    This track set is recommended for kids of age 4 years and above. The trackset comes with 1 Hot Wheels car, 1 launcher and a dragon with a very [...]


  • Reviewing the Hot Wheels Angry Birds Slingshot Launcher

    Being a fan of Angry Birds and Hot Wheels, I was quiet excited to review the Hot Wheels Angry Birds Slingshot Launcher. I thought it would be fun to see these angry birds roll on wheels and not fly for a change.
    This toy set by Hot Wheels is a very basic trackset that is themed [...]


  • LEGO to build their first toy factory in China

    LEGO the industry leader in the category of building sets and blocks announced plans to build their own factory in China. The factory will be set up in Jiaxing which is around 100 kms from Shanghai.
    LEGO’s move to open a factory in China is in recognition of the growing toy market in Asia. LEGO sales [...]

  • RoboMe: The iPhone Controlled Robot

    RoboMe is the latest fusion of technology and personality. This toy robot was first unveiled at the International Toy Fair Nuremberg 2013, where it won the “Toys 3.0” award.
    RoboMe is a fully customizable robot. It comes with a faceplate that can be replaced with your iPhone or iPod. The smart phone then acts as the [...]


  • Heard about the Furby Party Rockers?

    At the International Toy Fair, Hasbro announced that Furby can have its new party companion soon. Furby Party Rockers seem to be smaller versions of Furby. But they are not. They are just younger brothers and sisters to the full sized Furby.
    What’s different about them?
    The key difference between them is their price tag. Furby Party [...]


  • DICE+: A Digital Board Game Cube

    Remember the old board games? Yes, I used “old” because no one uses them today, though they are still fun to play with. In today’s technology enabled world, every child wants a tech savvy toy. Still, it’s true that Board games are a good way of getting a family together to play. People at GIC [...]

  • "Harlem Shake" vs "Gangnam Style"

    Heard about the new craze on YouTube? It’s the “Harlem Shake”. According to YouTube trend reports Harlem Shake has gone so viral that in the first 2 weeks of February 2013 there have been over 12,000 Harlem Shake videos uploaded. Not just uploaded, they have been collectively viewed more than 44 million times.
    What exactly is [...]


  • Max Steel - Rise of the Phoenix

    Mattel is bringing back Max Steel, originally a line of action figure toys for boys.  After the big launch of Monster High in 2010, the next major franchise re-launch for Mattel is Max Steel in 2013.
    What is Max Steel?
    Boys love super heroes and Max Steel is exactly that. Max Steel is the ultimate teen superhero. The [...]


  • Best Movie Toys! (Part 2)

    We were discussing the best toys based on movies, in the earlier post: Best Movie Toys! (Part 1). The list doesn’t end there. The list continues…
    6. The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn
    Meccano brings to you a collection of construction toys based on the movie The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the [...]

  • Best Movie Toys! (Part 1)

    The film industry has a lot to offer to kids. From beautiful fairytales to action packed movies, they’ve made them all. And they didn’t stop there. They went on to make some more money by selling the rights to produce and sell toys related to their movies. Genius!
    Here’s a list of some of the awesome toys [...]

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  • LEGO – Legends of Chima

    Noticed trailers of Legends of Chima yet? It played first on Cartoon Network after the recent last episode of Ninjago. It’s the next big release by Lego for 2013. The new theme by LEGO has its TV show made by the same creators as Ninjago - Ramiel Chamaki Silva and Mika Yamamoto.
    So what is it [...]

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