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  • Are You Doing Your Marketing Right?

    One of the biggest challenges that bloggers and mom entrepreneurs face is trying to get viewers to their content or product. We asked top mommy entrepreneurs, social media experts and community builders the following question:
    "Tell us something that most bloggers and entrepreneurs can do to improve their effectiveness when promoting their content and products"

    1. Parul [...]

  • 6 Manners To Teach Your Little Ones

    My parenting style is “laid back”. I allow my kids to be kids. I do not expect perfect angels out of them but, if they come up to me and say-“Mommy, May I please have chocolate milk” and then say “Thank You” after receiving it, it just melts up my heart.
    Before mentioning simple manners that [...]

  • Baby's First Delicacy:Paneer Makhhanwala

    It is said “Trying is always enough”. This is what happened when I introduced paneer to my 2 yr old. I had prepared Paneer makhanwala for my friends and my son tasted it for the first time. Now he insists of having either kheer or Paneer. These two are his favorites. Here is the recipe [...]

  • Childhood Fun And Memories Now- 2

    In addition to my previous post, I am back with some more things that remind us of the fondest memories we have of our childhood. But unfortunately, our children don't even know about them.

    You know you've had the best of childhood if you've owned a Walkman. It was the coolest thing one could have. A [...]

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  • Childhood Fun And Memories Now

    Here is a list of things that we parents grew up with but our kids will never know off. I am just glad that I grew up in the time when I did.
    Ravalgaon Toffees

    ‘Paan’has has been a cultural significance in our Indian culture. However, these days’ kids sulk and make a face when they see [...]

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  • Things I didn't Get Before Becoming A Mom

    Parents are weird. They sing goofy songs in public to make their child smile. They talk in baby language and do random stuff. During my pre-mommy days, I use to find these things so annoying. I promised not do such gross things. Now they are things I don’t even regret doing. Here are a few [...]

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  • Craft a Paper Basket With Your Kids

    Recently, I visited my cousin. My niece told me about her school competition. They had to craft a thing out of waste materials. The aim was to introduce children to the concept of ‘recycling’. Being a craft lover, I decided to help her. We thought of making bookmarks, baskets and so much more. but, finally [...]

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  • Values To Learn From Disney Movies

    Mrs. Incredibles said “Don’t think and don’t worry. If the time comes, you will find what to do.”  Recently, my daughter was watching Incredibles and while completing my daily chores, I overhead this . This simple statement made so much sense. Then was the time, I thought of listing some Disney movies which teach us [...]

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  • Craft Your Own Key Holder

    Last weekend was crazy for me. Now I realize the pain of shifting houses. The pain doesn’t end when you are in the process of shifting, it continues when you are setting up your new house. Trust me, it is a herculean task. Once I started setting up my new house, I found my key [...]

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  • A Mother's Journey From Then To Now

    As much as I tried, motherhood not to rock my world,but it did. So on a lonely morning, I thought of things which were so cool before I became a mother and how with my motherhood journey this has changed from then to now.
    Some of them are as follows-
    Then: Dressing for fashion
    Back then it was [...]

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  • Types of Mommies- 2

    As promised, here I come with my follow up to Types of Mommies-1. Try and remember which ones have you seen around recently.
    Forgetful Mama
    Well, the first picture that struck me is that of “Home Alone.” It may be just a movie, but believe me there have been times where I have lost track just like [...]

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  • DIY Glass Rangoli For Diwali

    Think Diwali? Diyas, sweets, crackers, rangoli and shopping comes to our mind. I do not usually get the time to make a new rangoli each day during the diwali festival. So during a weekday, when I got some free time I decided to make a glass rangoli. Going through my craft treasures, I came across [...]

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  • Types of Mommies- 1

    “My mother seems to have taken over the CBI. She acts skeptical all the time. She’s been constantly interrogating me.”
    The result of eavesdropping on a conversation in the train gave my chain of thoughts a direction and I started wondering... Do my kids label me? Do they have group discussions on their mothers and tag [...]

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  • Yellow Giraffe Diwali Giveaway

    C .Joybell C  rightly said “I think that the best thing we can do for our children is to allow them to do things for themselves, allow them to be strong, allow them to experience life on their own terms, allow them to take the subway... let them be better people, let them believe more [...]

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  • Craft Heart Shaped Bookmarks With Your Kids

    Reading is something I enjoy doing. The best thing that compliments my reading habit is a good book and, yes an eye catching bookmark too. Trust me; I am a little finicky about my bookmarks. Buying one doesn’t seem to be a good decision. Being a miser, I feel when I can make one why [...]

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  • Ways To Discard Old Toys

    As a child, toys become an integral part of our kids’ lives. There are so many memories attached with a single toy. Memory they illicit are not bound to the object themselves. Passing them on to others may help others form new memories. Here are some simple ways through which you can discard old toys [...]

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  • Craft a Candy Sticks Box With Kids

    My love for craft is increasing day by day. Looking at the kids, creating new and amazing craft items in their schools keeps me going even more. Me and my kids are big collectors and are constantly thinking of ways to recycle waste.
    During the normal cleaning chores in the house, I came across some used [...]

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  • Craft Cool CD Coasters with Decoupage

    The other day I was helping my niece find her favorite Barbie Doll. We landed up a cleaning a whole lot of drawers and in the interim founds loads of long lost things. We had almost forgotten that we had them. One such thing was CDs. My crafty mind thought, in this age we don't [...]

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  • What To Learn From Our Children?

    Angela Schwindt said,” While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” While I was reading this quote, I realized there are so many things we miss in the entire process of parenting. There are so many things our children teach us and we remain [...]

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  • Easy Ways To Organize Your Kids Toys

    Don’t you feel your house is some hotel for the toys? They check in any time they wish, but never seem to leave. You wish to have a magic wand that can clean your house and keep it organized. So not with a magic wand, but yes with some quick ways you can definitely keep [...]

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  • DIY Photo Tiles Craft

    Last week while surfing on Pinterest for some unique ideas to build with LEGO blocks I came across this cute DIY idea. So, here I am back sharing another easy DIY craft project with you. This is cute, simple and a fun way for you to break-free and make something memorable.
    What you'll need
    (1) Photos
    (2) Wooden [...]

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  • How About Cleaning Toys This Way?

    Buying toys is not an end to itself. There is so much more that comes into the picture. Maintaining and cleanliness is one such aspect of it.
    Some quick tips to all the parents, to keep their kids toys clean and tidy-
    Stuffed Toys: My daughter hugs her favorite Jerry stuff toy while sleeping. Being in direct [...]

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  • Your Kid's Birthday Is No More Expensive

    Larry Lorenzoni quotes,” Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.” Birthdays are special indeed. They are a way of expressing gratitude and love about ones existence.  When it comes to your kids, it’s all about making them feel special.
    Here are some cost effective and high-on [...]

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  • DIY Button Magnets With Your Kids

    The idea of creating button magnet was all by chance. I had gone out to buy craft material for my sister's project. I couldn't get what she needed. But, I ended up buying some catchy and attractive buttons. These buttons reminded of magnets, I had seen at my aunt's place. Trying to experiment, I also [...]

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  • What Would You Invent To Make Parenting Easy?

    I wish I could marry Kevin Peterson. I know it sounds silly, but then it is just a wish. We all have infinite number of wishes. Some silly to our minds, while some to others. But wishes like- I wish I could pee alone, I wish I could get some sleep, I wish to go [...]

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