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Barbie Hairtastic Color & Wash Salon

Posted on April 4, 2013 by Gladstone Gander There have been 0 comments

Barbie Hairtastic Color & Wash SalonOne of the things kids like most about Barbie is hair play. Girls love spending time styling and brushing Barbie’s hair. So, why not wash them? Well the Barbie Hairtastic Color and Wash Salon features hair play with a new twist. Coloring, Styling, Shampooing and Washing Barbie’s hair is what this toy allows kids to do.

Barbie Hairtastic Color & Wash Salon

The fact that kids can enact hair salon play at home really excites them. The set comes with a trendy Barbie doll, a salon chair, towel, hairbrush, salon station, 3 color markers and a vanity mirror. Kids can choose from 3 different colors – blue, pink and purple to color and streak Barbie’s hair. After coloring, wash Barbie’s hair with real foaming shampoo and water.

Barbie Hairtastic Color & Wash Salon

The salon station has 3 containers at the back to store clean water, dirty water and shampoo solution. The 2 containers for clean water and shampoo solution are attached with a tube to 2 hand showers on the basin. Kids need to simply push down the knob on the basin for water and shampoo to pour out of the hand showers. The dirty water from the basin is then collected in a large container at the back to avoid spillage.

However, with all the fun you must remember that playtime might become a little messy as the toy involves water and shampoo. Make sure to set up the salon in a place where it is okay for kids to get a little soapy and wet.

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