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Become A Scarer At The Monsters University

Posted on June 24, 2013 by Prashant There have been 0 comments

Have you been to the MU? Well, if not let me take you through this Monsters University.

Monsters University

Monsters University is a place where one majors in scaring. The protagonist of the movie Mike Wazowski dreams of becoming a scarer. With his hard work and patience he gets to enter this prestigious university. This movie is produced by Pixar Animation Studios and is accompanied by a short film “The Blue Umbrella”. This movie is a prequel of Monster Inc. The plot of the movie revolves around Mike’s journey of becoming a scarer. This movie is about Mike making friends, having fun, struggling and fulfilling his dream of becoming a scarer.

The story conveys a message, hard work and determination can fulfill all your dreams. The movie is quiet humorous and has amazing graphics. This movie is one another fun and entertaining creation of Pixar. Now take some time out and laugh out loud.

Happy Watching!

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