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  • Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas Eve With Kids

    Deck the halls or Ho..Ho..Ho… We all know that Santa is just around the corner. He is all set to paint the town with colors of joy. Christmas time is indeed cheerful. On this occasion we decided to take a break from all the materialistic pleasures and spend some family time. So, here’s how I [...]

  • Childhood Fun And Memories Now

    Here is a list of things that we parents grew up with but our kids will never know off. I am just glad that I grew up in the time when I did.
    Ravalgaon Toffees

    ‘Paan’has has been a cultural significance in our Indian culture. However, these days’ kids sulk and make a face when they see [...]

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  • Things I didn't Get Before Becoming A Mom

    Parents are weird. They sing goofy songs in public to make their child smile. They talk in baby language and do random stuff. During my pre-mommy days, I use to find these things so annoying. I promised not do such gross things. Now they are things I don’t even regret doing. Here are a few [...]

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  • Craft a Paper Basket With Your Kids

    Recently, I visited my cousin. My niece told me about her school competition. They had to craft a thing out of waste materials. The aim was to introduce children to the concept of ‘recycling’. Being a craft lover, I decided to help her. We thought of making bookmarks, baskets and so much more. but, finally [...]

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  • Craft Your Own Key Holder

    Last weekend was crazy for me. Now I realize the pain of shifting houses. The pain doesn’t end when you are in the process of shifting, it continues when you are setting up your new house. Trust me, it is a herculean task. Once I started setting up my new house, I found my key [...]

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  • A Mother's Journey From Then To Now

    As much as I tried, motherhood not to rock my world,but it did. So on a lonely morning, I thought of things which were so cool before I became a mother and how with my motherhood journey this has changed from then to now.
    Some of them are as follows-
    Then: Dressing for fashion
    Back then it was [...]

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  • Types of Mommies- 2

    As promised, here I come with my follow up to Types of Mommies-1. Try and remember which ones have you seen around recently.
    Forgetful Mama
    Well, the first picture that struck me is that of “Home Alone.” It may be just a movie, but believe me there have been times where I have lost track just like [...]

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  • DIY Glass Rangoli For Diwali

    Think Diwali? Diyas, sweets, crackers, rangoli and shopping comes to our mind. I do not usually get the time to make a new rangoli each day during the diwali festival. So during a weekday, when I got some free time I decided to make a glass rangoli. Going through my craft treasures, I came across [...]

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  • Craft Heart Shaped Bookmarks With Your Kids

    Reading is something I enjoy doing. The best thing that compliments my reading habit is a good book and, yes an eye catching bookmark too. Trust me; I am a little finicky about my bookmarks. Buying one doesn’t seem to be a good decision. Being a miser, I feel when I can make one why [...]

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  • Craft a Candy Sticks Box With Kids

    My love for craft is increasing day by day. Looking at the kids, creating new and amazing craft items in their schools keeps me going even more. Me and my kids are big collectors and are constantly thinking of ways to recycle waste.
    During the normal cleaning chores in the house, I came across some used [...]

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  • Craft Cool CD Coasters with Decoupage

    The other day I was helping my niece find her favorite Barbie Doll. We landed up a cleaning a whole lot of drawers and in the interim founds loads of long lost things. We had almost forgotten that we had them. One such thing was CDs. My crafty mind thought, in this age we don't [...]

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  • DIY Photo Tiles Craft

    Last week while surfing on Pinterest for some unique ideas to build with LEGO blocks I came across this cute DIY idea. So, here I am back sharing another easy DIY craft project with you. This is cute, simple and a fun way for you to break-free and make something memorable.
    What you'll need
    (1) Photos
    (2) Wooden [...]

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  • DIY Button Magnets With Your Kids

    The idea of creating button magnet was all by chance. I had gone out to buy craft material for my sister's project. I couldn't get what she needed. But, I ended up buying some catchy and attractive buttons. These buttons reminded of magnets, I had seen at my aunt's place. Trying to experiment, I also [...]

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  • What Would You Invent To Make Parenting Easy?

    I wish I could marry Kevin Peterson. I know it sounds silly, but then it is just a wish. We all have infinite number of wishes. Some silly to our minds, while some to others. But wishes like- I wish I could pee alone, I wish I could get some sleep, I wish to go [...]

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  • Crafting with Quilling Magnets

    I have always been a craft person. So whenever I am visiting anyone, I tend to analyze the craft items people have in their homes. This time when I visited my cousin, I saw some amazing magnets she got from Dubai. I got really excited.Those magnets resembled so much to my favorite [...]

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  • Child's Development Through Toys

    Play has always involved creativity, risk taking, flexibility, adaptability and “flow”. It has been an integral part of a child’s life. Unfortunately, in today’s complex world, we hardly see children playing. They are mostly performing structured activities. Play grounds for children are disappearing slowly and steadily. ‘Rough and Tumble’ play is considered violent today. These [...]

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  • Get Crafty With Quilling

    If you are into crafts, you are likely to have heard about quilling. Quilling is an art form that involves the use of paper strips that are rolled, shaped and glued together to create decorative designs.

    It’s pretty easy! Quilling strips and tools are readily available in the market. Buy one and start quilling.
    What you need [...]

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  • Top Tips For Buying Infant Toys

    No two kids are alike. Even it applies to close siblings. One might be busy decorating her Barbie’s closet or braiding her hair, while other would be solving his puzzle, building a Lego or playing with Fisher Price Whistle and go. Like their adults counterparts, even kids develop their own tastes and preferences.
    The entire human [...]

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  • Decoupage Pen Holder Craft For Kids

    If you are into crafts, it is likely that you must have heard about Decoupage. Decoupage paper crafts, have kind of gone viral in the recent few months. Well, what is this Decoupage all about?

    Decoupage is the art of decorating an object by gluing paper. Colored paper cut outs are glued onto objects and then [...]

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  • Child's Perspective Of A New LEGO BLock

    Numerous reports proved that children learn better when they use all their senses – See, touch, hear, smell and taste. Imagine a child who is creating a dinosaur with a play-doh. They are using all their senses while doing so, they can feel the clay and smell it too. Isn’t that the right way to [...]

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  • 5 Points To Remember Before Buying Toys

    There are so many things one needs to remember before selecting a toy for the kid. Here are some points to ponder on:
    Quality assurance is one important aspect. There should be no compromise on the quality of the toy. Low quality toys are unsafe for the kids.
    A toy possesses some value. It gives your child [...]

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  • Why I Love the Chicoo Ducati Monster

    Recently, I went to a toy store and there I saw this Ducati Monster. There I realized passion for motorbikes has no age. I have always been a fan of bikes. I was glad when I got an opportunity to review this Chicco Toys Ducati Monster.
    This Ducati Monster is for little bike lovers. This bike [...]

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  • Become A Scarer At The Monsters University

    Have you been to the MU? Well, if not let me take you through this Monsters University.

    Monsters University is a place where one majors in scaring. The protagonist of the movie Mike Wazowski dreams of becoming a scarer. With his hard work and patience he gets to enter this prestigious university. This movie is produced [...]

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  • Make a Fun and Easy DIY Corner Bookmark

    Being a craft freak I like to try almost anything crafty I see on the web. I saw this corner bookmark on Pinterest and decided to give it a try. This is a fun and easy bookmark to make with kids. Kids would absolutely love this!
    Here's how to make a corner bookmark:
    Step 1: Select a [...]

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  • Play Ideas from 6 Months to 24 Months

    So you are now settled into the pattern of motherhood. Hopefully your child is sleeping a lot less during the day and more through the night. So there is time on hand – how to use that time? I have tried to build a list around play ideas starting from 6 months onwards. These play [...]

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