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Toys: History and Philosophy

  • Toys from Pollock Toy Museum - Part 1

    Ever thought how it would be to visit a toy museum? This post talks about some of the interesting toys from the Pollock Toy Museum. I will be putting up this post in 2 parts.
    Pollocks Toy Museum is one, which has all the toys you can imagine. It is named after Benjamin Pollock, last of [...]

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  • SpinShotz by Hot Wheels

    SpinShotz is one of the new series of toys and tracksets launched by Hot Wheels. SpinShotz are basically spinning discs that spin at hyper-speed. In other words, a highly engineered version of the good old spinning table tops. These discs spin really fast for a very long time without making a sound. The series not [...]

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  • Does Technology really help children?

    Have you heard of the ipad case that doubles up as a teething toy? I am not sure Steve Jobs envisioned this ever!Fisher Price sells this or $35 as the Laugh and Learn apptivity case!
    So Fisher Price follows the method of spelunking,meaning, to explore caves. The company watches children play. A similar strategy has been [...]

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  • Grandparents' toys

    Isn't it true that Grandparents' old toys charm the children (grand kids) any day? So my grandparents never really had any of their toys to give me, but they did have this one game. It's called the Pallanguli. Its a board game with seven trays on either sides. The picture should help you. And you use [...]

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  • Traditional Dolls

    My best friend is a south Indian and she gave me a traditional twist to the culture of toys.
    Marapachi Bommais, literally translated into Wooden dolls,are supposedly made from a special kind of wood which even has medicinal properties.
    So basically, according to tradition, the bride's father presents his daughter with a pair of these toys: a [...]

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  • Why we love our toys

    Psychology tells us that if we grow attached to a particular toy, it is nothing but a substitute for a secure relationship. As a child, I was quiet attached to my brown beanie (a stuffed rhino). Of course, I have now outgrown that stage. Thankfully though I have never lost it. But there are some [...]

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  • Toy quality: Somewhat like dirt?

    Kids make the impossible, possible! If not for them, the concept of 'unbreakable' caould never have been refuted.
    I buy my child one toy every fortnight. It is not because I am an extremely doting mother that I indulge my son in excessive luxuries. He successfully manages to break every toy I buy. I don't buy [...]

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  • Toy Commercials

    When was the last time you saw a toy commercial on television? I'm not sure if I am watching the right channels now  but its been ages since I've seen one.
    GI Joe and Hot Wheels used to my favourite ads.
    Barbie is the only toy that is being advertised regularly now.
    Of course, there are critics who talk [...]

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  • The Toys Story

    Tim Lambert has written a very interesting article on the history of toys.
    Some interesting facts:
    1) Doll houses were first made in Germany in 1558. (And yes, I did read Raksha's post on Barbie. More on that in another post)
    2) Inflated pig bladders and knucklebones were used as toys and games by children in Ancient Greece
    3) John Spilsbury [...]

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  • Something to know about board games

    The first board games for children appeared at the end of the 18th century. They were printed from engraved copper plates, which were hand-colored and mounted like maps on linen.
    A feature of these early games was a strong moral or educational theme. To proceed around the board, players had to answer questions on - history, geography [...]

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  • Perfect solution for those Lego toy pieces on the floor

    If you're constantly torn between the positive of having lego toys, and the grief of clearing up after your kid, here's a solution that'll take your heart!

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  • How the loveable Teddy Bear came into being

    In November 1902, a political cartoon appeared in the Washington Post showing Theodore Roosevelt refusing to shoot a bear cub while on a hunting expedition in Mississippi. The cartoon was so popular that prints were made of it; and subsequently the bear followed the President wherever he went.
    Morris Michom, an enterprising small store owner in New York [...]

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  • Snakes & Ladders: The next time you play it ...

    I quite liked Prashant's post "all toys are educational". Here's an Indian example ...
    Snakes & Ladders is based on an ancient game called "Moksha Patamu", which was often used for Hindu religious instruction. It represents the journey of a soul through life to heaven (score of 100)
    The path to moksha is shortened by virtue and good [...]

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  • Educational toys

    I have to write about this.
    Earlier this afternoon an OEM marketing head preached me about "Educational Toys" and that always sets me off. All toys are educational. No exceptions.
    Most of the games familiar to us were also known to our distant ancestors 5,000 years ago. Every nation and tribe on Earth have developed and enjoyed playing [...]

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