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  • Twistoys - Creativity with a New Twist

    Twistoys is a new toy brand run under the Sunlord Company in India. Twistoys products can be categorized in the arts and craft category.
    What are the products like?
    Twistoys works on the ‘twist + tie + decorate’ motto. They are basically tubes of white cloth filled with soft beans. The soft white tubes can be twisted [...]

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  • How Toys Help With Cognitive Development Of Your Child

    Have you ever wondered how children make sense of this extraordinarily complex universe that we live in?

    If you observe kids, it becomes so obvious how their minds are a curious blend of logic, fantasy and faulty reasoning. It’s not uncommon that when a child hears a sudden loud sound, they may say oh my god [...]


  • How Toys Help With Social & Emotional Development of Your Child

    We posed a question to a few parents, how do you use toys?
    1. As a distraction to keep my child out of my way while I finish a chore
    2.I use toys while on a long drive or aero planes, to keep my child occupied
    3. Use the toys to keep the child quiet while in a [...]


  • Is Barbie Aging?

    Mattel came up with their first quarter results for 2013 and it seems like Barbie is aging. It’s no longer their best selling girl brand. The chubby American Girl and the descendants of scary monsters are stealing the limelight.
    Mattel mentions that they are very happy with their girl’s portfolio. The big contribution by the American Girl brand [...]

  • Reviewing the Cuboro Standard

    Cuboro combines 2 simple things that kids love the most – Wooden blocks and Marbles. Leave a child alone with either of them and they’ll figure out some way to play with them for hours. So you can imagine what happens when you have both of them together with this toy.
    Cuboro Standard is one of [...]

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  • Are you helping Mattel to Save the Chocolate Bunny for Easter?

    Easter is almost here! Will the chocolate bunny visit your kid again? Well, every Easter kids are surprised with a basket full of sugar goodies. Parents fill the baskets with chocolate bunnies, jelly beans, bubble gum, chocolate eggs and the list goes on. But, why not replace these sugar goodies with a healthier option?
    While most [...]

  • LEGO to build their first toy factory in China

    LEGO the industry leader in the category of building sets and blocks announced plans to build their own factory in China. The factory will be set up in Jiaxing which is around 100 kms from Shanghai.
    LEGO’s move to open a factory in China is in recognition of the growing toy market in Asia. LEGO sales [...]

  • RoboMe: The iPhone Controlled Robot

    RoboMe is the latest fusion of technology and personality. This toy robot was first unveiled at the International Toy Fair Nuremberg 2013, where it won the “Toys 3.0” award.
    RoboMe is a fully customizable robot. It comes with a faceplate that can be replaced with your iPhone or iPod. The smart phone then acts as the [...]


  • Heard about the Furby Party Rockers?

    At the International Toy Fair, Hasbro announced that Furby can have its new party companion soon. Furby Party Rockers seem to be smaller versions of Furby. But they are not. They are just younger brothers and sisters to the full sized Furby.
    What’s different about them?
    The key difference between them is their price tag. Furby Party [...]


  • Skylanders announces “Skylanders - SWAP Force!”

    Skylanders is mixing it up with the new Skylanders SWAP Force. Yes, you’ve heard it right! Activision disclosed their new game based on Skylanders Spyro Adventure and Giants. “Skylanders Swap-Force” is the one! It launches 16 mix and match Swap Force Skylanders, 16 new Skylanders, 16 returning Skylanders and 8 LightCore Skylanders. Players can combine [...]

  • Skylanders hit $1 Billion

    Skylanders franchise has crossed $1 billion in just 15 months! Yes, Activision Publishing Inc. revealed that Skylanders series have generated more than $1 billion in less than 2 years. Over 100 million figures have already been sold worldwide. This number is inclusive of toys and accessories. Skylanders is the first video game IP to reach [...]

  • Monster High is coming to India!

    Mattel announced that they are soon launching Monster high dolls in India. These dolls were first launched in 2010 and have become a must have doll for every little girl. Within a short span of 2 years, these dolls grossed the 2nd highest doll sales after Barbie.
    What is Monster High?
    Monster High is a toy brand [...]

  • "Harlem Shake" vs "Gangnam Style"

    Heard about the new craze on YouTube? It’s the “Harlem Shake”. According to YouTube trend reports Harlem Shake has gone so viral that in the first 2 weeks of February 2013 there have been over 12,000 Harlem Shake videos uploaded. Not just uploaded, they have been collectively viewed more than 44 million times.
    What exactly is [...]


  • Barbie to sell her Dreamhouse in Malibu for a whooping $25 Million

    Have you heard the latest Barbie news? Seems like Barbie is packing her bags to move out from her Dreamhouse in Malibu. Yes, that’s right!
    The Barbie Dream House is on sale for $25 million. It’s a beautiful three story mansion. The mansion faces the beach and has only three walls to avoid any obstruction of [...]

  • Max Steel - Rise of the Phoenix

    Mattel is bringing back Max Steel, originally a line of action figure toys for boys.  After the big launch of Monster High in 2010, the next major franchise re-launch for Mattel is Max Steel in 2013.
    What is Max Steel?
    Boys love super heroes and Max Steel is exactly that. Max Steel is the ultimate teen superhero. The [...]


  • All about Lego Duplo - Preschool Building Toys

    LEGO is a line of small plastic bricks that interlock together to create almost anything imaginable. Cars, planes, trains, ships, princesses and even working robots are just a part of the very short list that can be created with LEGO bricks.
    LEGO bricks help kids even as young as 18 months to kick start their career [...]


  • LEGO Mindstorms: If you can think, you can create

    On 7th January, 2013 LEGO announced a new addition to its Mindstorms line, the LEGO Mindstorm EV3. It has been 15 years since the first Mindstorm model was released and the new model is going to unleash a new robotic invasion.
    What exactly is LEGO Mindstorm?
    To keep it simple the LEGO Mindstorm lets you create your [...]

  • New Toy Alert: Transformers Construct-Bot

    We all loved the movie Transformers and we loved all the toys. What made it so good was that it was always more than just an action figure or a collectible toy. Unlike the other older types of action figures, this one would change shape and give you a completely new toy figure.
    But we weren’t [...]

  • Best Movie Toys! (Part 1)

    The film industry has a lot to offer to kids. From beautiful fairytales to action packed movies, they’ve made them all. And they didn’t stop there. They went on to make some more money by selling the rights to produce and sell toys related to their movies. Genius!
    Here’s a list of some of the awesome toys [...]

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  • Would selling no toys help?

    Chile has banned fast food joints including McDonald's, Burger King and KFC, from selling toys in the hope that this would help curb rising obesity among children.
    This law infact applies to all food manufacturers, including cereal makers.
    Is this in fact logical?
    I understand that childhood obesity is a problem, so why not bring about a restriction [...]

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  • Tot Lot disappears in Manhattan

    Earlier this month, parents in Manhattan were a dejected lot when the tot lot at the beach there disappeared.
    Kate Shelter, a parent who used to frequent the beach said that the playground just vanished last month. The tot lot_ was a famous destination for parents and their kids and parents would donate a lot of toys [...]

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  • Toy Sale

    There was an annual toy sale sale last month in Australia where Big W, a retail store opened its outlet for an entire two weeks after advertising for an entire week. Apparently, there were two other retailers who had conducted a toy sale!
    Wonder when India will have one of those.

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  • Olympic Fever

    Did any of you catch the opening ceremony of the Olympics yesterday? early today morning, rather!
    It was good, but frankly, I don't think it was half as good as the ceremony in China. Having said that, I only watched the ceremony till the master of the world wide web, Tim Lee, waved to the crowds.
    Do [...]

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  • Movies, Action heroes and Toys

    Should I feel guilty about not buying my daughter these action hero toys? With the release of these super hero movies, related merchandise activity is obviously huge!
    1. Avengers:  Hot Toys, a Hong Kong based company, has the license to manufacture toys based on the characters of the movie.  So the available character toys include Nick Fury [...]

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  • Craft Time

    Have you ever seen Mr Maker on CBeebies?
    If you are into crafts, then try not to miss this popular show where you can learn simple things like how to make a flying saucer or a key ring charm in a minute ! :)
    I've tried some of the painting activities and the cutting activities discussed. My son quite [...]

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