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  • Why I Love the Chicoo Ducati Monster

    Recently, I went to a toy store and there I saw this Ducati Monster. There I realized passion for motorbikes has no age. I have always been a fan of bikes. I was glad when I got an opportunity to review this Chicco Toys Ducati Monster.
    This Ducati Monster is for little bike lovers. This bike [...]

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  • Twistoys - Creativity with a New Twist

    Twistoys is a new toy brand run under the Sunlord Company in India. Twistoys products can be categorized in the arts and craft category.
    What are the products like?
    Twistoys works on the ‘twist + tie + decorate’ motto. They are basically tubes of white cloth filled with soft beans. The soft white tubes can be twisted [...]

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  • SpinShotz by Hot Wheels

    SpinShotz is one of the new series of toys and tracksets launched by Hot Wheels. SpinShotz are basically spinning discs that spin at hyper-speed. In other words, a highly engineered version of the good old spinning table tops. These discs spin really fast for a very long time without making a sound. The series not [...]

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  • Reviewing The Hot Wheels Dragon Destroyer Track Set

    The Hot Wheels Dragon Destroyer track set is much smaller and compact as compared to other hot wheels tracks. However, it is a total value for money.
    This track set is recommended for kids of age 4 years and above. The trackset comes with 1 Hot Wheels car, 1 launcher and a dragon with a very [...]


  • Reviewing the Hot Wheels Angry Birds Slingshot Launcher

    Being a fan of Angry Birds and Hot Wheels, I was quiet excited to review the Hot Wheels Angry Birds Slingshot Launcher. I thought it would be fun to see these angry birds roll on wheels and not fly for a change.
    This toy set by Hot Wheels is a very basic trackset that is themed [...]


  • Reviewing the Bloco Savanna in Pajamas

    I had a chance to review the Bloco Savanna in Pajamas and I really enjoyed it. What’s unique is that unlike the regular plastic based construction toys, Bloco is made of high quality foam pieces. This construction set will allow your child to build 4 different jungle animals – Giraffe, Zebra, Snake and a Cheetah. The [...]


  • Barbie Hairtastic Color & Wash Salon

    One of the things kids like most about Barbie is hair play. Girls love spending time styling and brushing Barbie’s hair. So, why not wash them? Well the Barbie Hairtastic Color and Wash Salon features hair play with a new twist. Coloring, Styling, Shampooing and Washing Barbie’s hair is what this toy allows kids to [...]

  • Reviewing the Cuboro Standard

    Cuboro combines 2 simple things that kids love the most – Wooden blocks and Marbles. Leave a child alone with either of them and they’ll figure out some way to play with them for hours. So you can imagine what happens when you have both of them together with this toy.
    Cuboro Standard is one of [...]

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  • Top 5 toys of 2012

    TechMaish, an online technology blogging platform, has rated the top 5 toys for this year.
    Let's find out if you own any of them. I certainly don't.
    Leap Pad , a learning tablet for kids
    Let's Rock Elmo
    The Avigo Chevrolet 12V Camaro (a children's car, something that I've only dreamed of)
    Lalaloopsy Silly Hair Jewel Sparkles Doll
    Xia Xia pets and [...]

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