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Childhood Fun And Memories Now

Posted on November 28, 2013 by Raksha There have been 0 comments

Here is a list of things that we parents grew up with but our kids will never know off. I am just glad that I grew up in the time when I did.

Ravalgaon Toffees


‘Paan’has has been a cultural significance in our Indian culture. However, these days’ kids sulk and make a face when they see any of our grandparents chewing on a paan.  I remember how I enjoyed substituting the original paan with Ravalgaon’s paan flavored toffees. I and my friends would show off our red colored tongues after having eaten the toffees.

My kid overheard my conversation with my mother about Ravalgaon and he was like “Raval-what-gaon?”Sigh! They’ll never know what fun it used to be.

Cigarette Candy


Completely healthy and sugary-sweet candies morphed as cigarettes.  What would my kids know about these? Well, the answer is none. I remember making imaginary smoke rings and imitating the super-cool villains on screen. After enough role-play, I’d chew down the minty candy. Come to think of it now, I would be put down as a bad influence. But being a child with a free-willed mind was a pleasure.

Radio Sets


If cassettes were your second love, Radios were your first.  Radios would bring you all the exclusive news from all over the world. The best part about the radios is that you never had the choice to customize your playlist. Every song played was like a music shuffle. How we all love surprises! Don’t we?



Prior to every film release, I’d plead my dad to get me a cassette for the film’s audio. Back then, cassettes were quite a deal. We’d save up in pennies and make up for this one pseudo-necessity as a kid. You’ll clearly get the reference if you know how reversing a cassette on a tape recorder sounds. Nowadays music and their lyrics are easily available. We all friends used to sit up and memorize the songs. We’d also archive the movie pictures leaflet that came with the cassette.

How I loved labeling my collection of cassettes!

Cameras with reels


Candid moments were never so candid with these cameras.  Now a vintage item, all thanks to the digital cameras. We’d check the number of shots left after every click. That’s what scarcity does to you. Not that I am complaining about the tech-savy digital ones. But it’s been over a year since I actually developed the many pictures we click every single day.
My sister and I’d play with the negatives from the reels; we even made a DIY craft sunglasses from the old ones.

There are so many more such things we grew up with. I would share other such things in my next post. Till then if you recall any of your childhood favorites, do share.

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