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Childhood Fun And Memories Now- 2

Posted on December 3, 2013 by Raksha There have been 0 comments

In addition to my previous post, I am back with some more things that remind us of the fondest memories we have of our childhood. But unfortunately, our children don't even know about them.



You know you've had the best of childhood if you've owned a Walkman. It was the coolest thing one could have. A compact personal stereo with flexibility of 3 modes- Listening, recording and playing!  Kids these days are obsessed with i Pods. But ask me and I’d choose a Walkman over an iPod any day!

Floppy Disks


Never knew how to use them but they formed a major part of my dad’s super-sonic bulky computer system. They were used for storing large files. They’re today’s equivalent for USBs, Media cards, DVDs and other mobile computer accessories.

Dialer phones


My heart aches at the fact that these dialer phones will never be in vogue again. Making a phone call with the dialer phone dominated my teen years. As a kid, I’d make random numeric combinations so that the dialer ring would make varied clickety sounds.  If you know what I mean.

VHS tapes and not DVDs


Watching a new release in the theater happened every six months. For the rest of the year VHS tapes satisfied us movie buffs. As a collective, I and my friends would chip in to rent the new-in-town collection.

On a serious note, I’d want to preserve a few classic in VHS version.



My dad’s cell phone is equivalent about 1.5 decades ago. Yeah, that’s exactly how I’d describe a pager. For reasons unknown, every time I’d got hold of the pager I’d start to feel like the Yoda of the universe. I've also used my dad’s old pagers as pseudo walkies-talkies to bring in the spy-effect.

My recent memory of pager is that of Jim Carrey as Bruce Almighty getting rid of his device.

Hand video games


If you haven’t played bricks on your hand video game, than you lost out on major fun as a kid. I’d move left and right as I placed the bricks. Kid’s today are a touch away from plethora of games that are available online. The fun of mastering that one level and moving onto another will never be known to my kids who skip between two or more games at a time.

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