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Child's Perspective Of A New LEGO BLock

Posted on July 16, 2013 by Prashant There have been 0 comments


Numerous reports proved that children learn better when they use all their senses – See, touch, hear, smell and taste. Imagine a child who is creating a dinosaur with a play-doh. They are using all their senses while doing so, they can feel the clay and smell it too. Isn’t that the right way to learn?

A child’s job is to play and that’s something we should take seriously. The scope of play is too vast and can’t be covered in an article. So, here I will like to understand how children approach Toys and Games, using an example of what all a child does once given a new Lego-

1. Functional Play: When you give a new LEGO TOY in your child’s hands, they want to know all about its functionality. How does it work? What does it feel like to touch it? Do the bricks fit in my hands or are they too small? Am I able to interlock the Lego bricks? This kind of free exploration of the toy is required, as understanding the attributes of this toy makes it easier for them to decide at a later date, where all they can use this block set.

2. Constructive Play: Now comes the real construction bit. Your child starts building, sometimes using their imagination, sometimes looking for a design in the manual. In constructive play your child is usually building something – a car or maybe a tower or even a complex design. While in this mode the questions that the child is asking themselves are

a) How can i make this tower? Do I have enough support at the base?
b) Do I have enough red blocks to complete this pattern that I have started?
c) What kind of material should I use to make the flag for the castle I have built?

 3. Dramatic or Pretend Play: After exploring and even constructing with the toy, the child gets a very good idea about what the entire Lego set can do. Using that knowledge you will see the child involving in playing out roles, which may start brewing in their minds while exploring or constructing the toy itself.

 4. Games with rules: After your child has played out most of the scenarios in their mind, they invite friends over to play with their new Lego set. They start a war and fight at each level as to what they can or cannot do while the war is on. Your figurine can kill the soldier only when he is out of the castle gate. While doing so, they create rules and learn to follow these rules while playing.

As your child is constructing and playing these games, they are inventing newer ways to play. They are in the process also acquiring Cognitive and Social & Emotional skills.

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