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Crafting with Quilling Magnets

Posted on August 13, 2013 by Raksha There have been 1 comment(s)

I have always been a craft person. So whenever I am visiting anyone, I tend to analyze the craft items people have in their homes. This time when I visited my cousin, I saw some amazing magnets she got from Dubai. I got really excited.Those magnets resembled so much to my favorite Dance and Play puppy toy from Fisher Price. So I thought of making a few magnets by myself.While I was surfing the net I came across this tutorial of getting crafty with quilling. I kind of re-developed that concept and tried making this really cute fridge magnet.

So, here's how to make a quilling teddy magnet:

It's pretty easy! You don't need a lot of things to make this cute Teddy Magnet

What you'll need:

  • Strips of paper
  • Quilling tool
  • Magnet
  • Glue
  • Scissors

Let's start!

Quilling Magnet

I suggest you buy a ready packet of colorful quilling strips available in the market. These strips don't cost much and are very convenient to use.

Quilling Magnet

Step 1: Start by selecting a thick brown strip. The strip will be about 1cm thick.

Step 2: Making a fringed flower. To make the fringe flower, fold the strip into half. Then cut small fringes on the strip leaving about 3mm from the top. See the picture below for a better understanding on how to cut the strip.

Quilling Magnet

You will need about 4 strips cut like this. Stick the ends of the 4 strips to make 1 long strip. Now, use a quilling tool to roll the fringe into a tight roll.

Quilling Magnets

Once the entire strip is rolled, apply a small amount of glue on the end and let it dry. Remove the roll from the quilling tool. Now gently fold the fringe outwards with your fingers.

That's it! Your fringe flower is ready.

Quilling Magnet

Make another fringe flower like this with about 3 strips of paper. This is a little smaller than the first one. You may change the size of paper, depending on the size of the magnet you want to make.

For the other parts of the teddy, use a yellow colored thin quilling strip. For ears, quill a loose roll with the help of the quilling tool. Put some glue on the end and stick it. Use your fingers to slightly pinch one side of the roll and make a drop shape. You will need 2 of these.

Quilling Magnet

For hands and legs make 4 loose rolls. Stick the parts together using glue. Stick a magnet on the back.

You are done! A cute fridge teddy bear magnet is ready to use.

Quilling Teddy Magnet

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