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Developing a child’s love for reading

Posted on January 7, 2013 by Raksha There have been 0 comments

One of the time-honored traditions taking place between parents and children is story telling. Stories like "Cinderella", "Alice in Wonderland", "Sleeping Beauty", "Snow White" and "Jack and the Bean Stalk" have been long standing favorites with both parents and kids. As parents, when we read these stories to children we are passing on the love of reading to them.

Reading together is an important element in a child’s development. It lets you spend quality time together with your child. It is also a great idea for deeper bonding and learning to enjoy each other’s company. While reading stories we create many special moments with our children.

However, sometimes we struggle with our children not showing any interest in what is being read to them. So a few ways that may help solve this problem are:

Allow choice: It is important to introduce kids to stories right from a young age. Invite them to see a book. However, don’t force them. Tell them stories when they are ready and willing to listen.

Be Expressive: It is extremely important for parents to be expressive while sharing stories with children. This will introduce children to different characters, emotions and tones. For e.g.: While reading a story about the hungry lion, roar like a lion. Introduce facial expression to get your child interested in the story.

Be Creative and Innovative: Innovation is the key to success, isn’t it? Try to be creative and innovative in your story telling. Use different means other than books. Puppets are a great way to build a story. We can use tools like flash cards and picture story telling. Toys like the Leapfrog Tag Junior makes the stories come alive for your child with fun sound effects.

Bed time Stories: I am sure, most of you tell bedtime stories to your children. I use a bedtime story as an end of the day activity with my kid.

Children love stories, so do make time to share a good story with your little one every day. Not only does it increases their power of expression, it makes for a great bonding activity with your kid.

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