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Educational toys

Posted on January 17, 2012 by Prashant There have been 0 comments

I have to write about this.

Earlier this afternoon an OEM marketing head preached me about "Educational Toys" and that always sets me off. All toys are educational. No exceptions.

Most of the games familiar to us were also known to our distant ancestors 5,000 years ago. Every nation and tribe on Earth have developed and enjoyed playing toys and games.
Spiral and track race games, checkers, draughts & dice originated in ancient Egypt, Greece and Mesopotamia, spreading gradually throughout Asia, reaching Europe and eventually Britain in early medieval times. Manuscripts show competitions of chess, backgammon and alquerue.

Take board games. They represent the larger game of life, and include the same basic ingredients of Strategy, Skill and Chance (or Luck). Battles can be fought, opponents outwitted (or cheated), or the outcome of a game may depend largely on chance, decided by the throw of a die – often with the added excitement of gambling.

So please don't fall for the trap of a special category of toys - that are touted to be "Educational".

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