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Fun Around Board Games

Posted on August 20, 2013 by Gladstone Gander There have been 0 comments


As a child, I have always liked board games. Talking about it, takes me back to my childhood. There must be some or other board game that reminds you of your childhood memories too. Game that reflects the same for me is Ludo and Snakes & Ladders. I still remember those happy times, me and friends had while playing.

For me board games were purely for entertainment. It was much later; I got to know the role these games play in the development of children. These games help in building social and emotional, logical and cognitive skills.

Here are my 5 favorite board games-

Monopoly-Monopoly reminds me of the game named “Business”, I played with. It was always fun playing with this property game. The sense of buying properties and dealing with rent collection and mortgages always gave a real feel to it.

Pictureka- This game is all about collecting the object. One has to be either the fastest or the first one to collect. One who collects the maximum number of pictures wins the game.

The Game of Life- This game reminds me of “Wheel of Fortune”. This game is all about spending good times with your family. One needs to spin the wheel and watch how fortune changes their life.

Tic Tac Toe Game- Everybody has played this game a lot of times in their lives. I still remember playing this cut cross game, during my boring maths class. This game is back with a twist for all. It has Disney characters in it, adding more fun for all.

Mickey Snakes and Ladders- This is the most loved and played game for almost all. Our very old Snakes and Ladder game is back to entertain everybody. This time there is Mickey to help you win the game.

We as adults are so engrossed in our lives, that there is no time to play. Though it reminds us of our childhood memories, yet they are just some buried memories. Apart for carving memories for us, these games play even a bigger role in our children’s life. A famous toy designer, Suhasini Paul, has rightly said- “Board games satisfy a child's competitive urge and their desire to master new skills, such as number and shape recognition, grouping, counting, letter recognition, reading, visual perception, color recognition and manual dexterity”.

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