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Ganesha And Toys

Posted on September 10, 2013 by Prashant There have been 0 comments

Lord Ganesha Paintings On Canvas

You are the speaker, you are the listener and you are the giver- You are Ganesha. The entire country is in the festive mood of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. The only thing I see these days is the beautiful idols of Ganesha all over. Ganesha teaches us a lot of things and the best way he does it is through his body parts. Each and every body part symbolizes and gives us enough to learn and practice in our lives.

We as adults understand the significance of his body parts. But, when it comes to our children, have you ever wondered how they see these things. We as parents can inculcate these teachings in our children too. The best way our children can develop is through toys.

Let’s see toys that teach our children exactly the same as Ganesha’s does –

Large Stomach-

Ganesha has a large stomach, portraying his capacity to accept all good and bad. Looking at the same teaching, we have Lego products like Star Wars series, which defines the showdowns of good and evil.

Short Legs-

Ganesha possesses short legs, defining his tolerance power. Toys that can come under this category are puzzles. What can be better than puzzles, which require immense patience while building them?

Large ears-

Large ears in Ganesha symbolize listening ability in one. We can build this skill in children by gifting toys like Leapfrog toys, requiring amazing listening abilities which guide them to explore different features in a toy.

Small eyes-

Ganesha has small eyes that represent high concentrating power. Toys like Meccano require high level of concentration power; only then one can build it. Children can build their concentration power by building Meccano or any other construction toy.

Large forehead-

Large forehead symbolizes high intellect in Ganesha. Toys that help in building high intellect amongst our children are: chess, and other memory games.

One tusk-

One tusk in Ganesha also defines the way one should accept the good and throw away bad. Games or a toy that serve the purpose for having a large stomach goes with it too.

Long trunk-

Ganesha has long trunk that signifies adaptability and high efficiency. The best way to teach this to children is through pretend play games. What can be better than role playing that would help them adapt to the changing scenes.

Four hands-

Ganesha has four hands in total. Each one tells us different things like to be happy, be free from attachments, blessings from the well being of the mind and so on. Toys in a child’s life overall gives enough joy and happiness and rest others are in control too.

Don’t wait for your child to grow and then teach them the virtues of Ganesha. Let them play with these toys and see the change as it is rightly said- there is no age for learning, so why wait for tomorrow.

Happy Ganesh Chaturthi!






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