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Gifting Ideas for Newborns

Posted on April 1, 2013 by Raksha There have been 0 comments

Are you looking to welcome a new baby? Struggling with what to buy? A gift for a newborn is a special way to welcome the baby to this world. While most of us want to be seen as thoughtful gifters, deciding on a gift for a new born can be a big stumbling block. You may want to keep a few points in mind to make your gift selection more useful for the new baby. You must keep in mind the care and comfort of the newborn baby while buying a gift. You may want to ask the new parents what gift they need for their little one. Gifting what parents need for their baby will make your gift special and useful.  There are endless options when it comes to selecting a gift for a newborn but thoughtful gifts are always appreciated.
So here’s a selection of top 5 baby products that parents will love to receive as gifts:

Fisher Price New Born To Toddler Rocker

(1)  New Born To Toddler Rocker –The New Born to Toddler Rocker is a great gift for a newborn baby. Rockers are useful as they keep the newborn baby secure and safe. This rocker features calming vibration to soothe your cranky baby. This product will also reward your baby with a rocking motion when your little one kicks, thus encouraging more physical activity.
What I really like about New Born to Toddler Rocker is that the rocker is great to move between rooms and even getting some sun for your baby. Which parent would not appreciate such a lovely gift?

Fisher Price Take Along Blanket

 (2) Take Along Play Blanket – Baby blankets are popular baby shower gifts. Every newborn needs something as basic as a blanket. The Take Along Blanket is made of soft fleece and is perfect for the baby to cuddle while at home or on the go. Icing on the cake for this blanket is the link toys attached for babies to play.
What I really like is that the blanket easily folds into a small soft Zebra carry bag.

Chicco Goodnight Stars Projector

 (3) Goodnight Stars Projector – Babies love to see things around. What better gift than a projector? Projectors are a great way to help babies develop their visual and auditory skills. The Goodnight Stars Projector comes with a soft toy and projects stars on the ceiling. The projector plays soothing melodies and sounds of nature helping to put the baby to sleep.
What I like is that the projector when not in use can be used a colorful night lamp. Isn’t this a 3 in 1 gift for the baby now?

Leapfrog Baby Counting Pal

 (4) Baby Counting Pal – Newborns love to explore new things and textures. The Baby counting Pal can be the perfect gift as it combines 5 tactile activities in one.
What I really like is that the toy can be attached just about anywhere, on the cot, stroller or even the wall.  A gift that can keep the newborn engaged for long is just the right thing.

Newborn Gift Basket

 (5)    Lastly, if you still find it difficult to select a gift for a newborn, don’t panic. A newborn gift basket is always a safe option. The newborn basket contains basic things like a rattle, teether, baby lotion, hair brush and other small baby things.

You are done! Just keep these few basic points in mind and you know what to gift. Baby gifting is not easy, but a little bit of research and thought will help you select the best gift for the newborn.

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