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Happy Friendship's Day !

Posted on August 3, 2013 by Raksha There have been 0 comments

A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you, when you have forgotten the lyrics.”

As Friendship’s day is around the corner, I would share an old incident with you. I still remember my neighbor yelling at his son- “Don’t waste your time on your friends, they will anyways leave you one day.” He kept saying all the anti-friendship words one can imagine. Well, he might be right somewhere for his son (who was of my age), but that statement left me in a state of dilemma. I kept on wondering what would happen if my friends ever leave me?

As the years passed by, things changed completely. I got busy with my life and the old man‘s words went buried deep inside. I came across something, which made me ponder over the same thought. Few days back, I was searching some documents in my room. Though I didn't find them, yet something else caught my attention.

There were my childhood pictures with one of my first friend ever. I was down the memory lane, remembering everything: playing with our Lego sets, waiting for each other every day at the bus stop, eating each others tiffin and so much more. Later on, she shifted to some other city and we lost touch.

Thanks to Mr. Zuckerberg for creating a platform like Facebook that connected us again. Things had changed a lot. There were likes, shares, pokes happening between us but no real conversations. Both were hesitant enough to start things that ended 15 years back. Somehow a status update made us communicate, and then rest was history. It never felt that more than a decade had passed. All the memories were fresh again. Last thing she said before signing off was,” Some of the fondest memories of that city are only with you.”

My 17 yrs old curiosity came to an end. I realized “There may be times, when you and your friends don’t talk or meet, but when you do, it feels as if it was yesterday.” They are the most valuable people in your life. They are the ones with whom you fight, argue and also take them for granted at times. But, then they are also the ones who can make you feel the way no one else could.

I saw the same scene when yesterday; Siya my 6 yr old niece gave a small handmade envelope and asked me to open it. On opening, I realized it was a piece of paper folded into a shape of a card. It had a note saying” Thank You Siya for sharing your things with me, you are my best friend and I really like you very much, from your best friend Vani.” This sweet gesture from a 6 yr old touched my heart and I could see a new beginning of a great friendship.

So, on this Friendship’s Day, make an effort and be with your friends. Cherish all the old memories; make some new ones to treasure for the coming years. Tell them how much you value them. After all-

It takes a lot time to grow an old friend.”

Happy Friendship’s Day!

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