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How Toys Help With Cognitive Development Of Your Child

Posted on May 16, 2013 by Raksha There have been 1 comment(s)

Have you ever wondered how children make sense of this extraordinarily complex universe that we live in?

How Toys Help With Cognitive Development of Your Child

If you observe kids, it becomes so obvious how their minds are a curious blend of logic, fantasy and faulty reasoning. It’s not uncommon that when a child hears a sudden loud sound, they may say oh my god, there is a big storm coming. Its then fun to see all the other children join in the fantasy play. Kids will be hustling around trying to hide, tell their other friends to come in and join them in the safe house.

What is happening when these kids are doing this? They are developing their cognitive skills. To put in a definition, “Cognition is the inner processes and products of mind that leads to ‘knowing’”.

Here we have listed 5 activities that will help aid cognitive development in your child:

(1) Playing with Blocks: Playing with building blocks is a great way to enhance cognitive skills. Children use blocks like LEGO’s to set up various scenes like a supermarket or maybe a hospital. They use the action figures to stimulate actions they see in their day to day lives. Cognitive skills are thus enhanced when children are encouraged to play with open ended and creative toys like building blocks.

(2) Practice the Alphabets: Encourage kids to learn their alphabets at an early age. You must practice the alphabets with your child. Sing the alphabet song while taking a walk or read a book with ABC’s. The Leapfrog Letter Factory is a great toy teaching phonics and alphabets.

(3) Give Choice: Almost always give choices to your child. Ask them whether they want to eat an apple or an orange. Read the Sleeping Beauty or the Snow White. Wear the green or red t-shirt.  Allowing children to make a choice helps them to think and strategize.

(4) Reading: The time you spend reading with your child, plays an important role in developing their cognitive skills. You must read to your child on a daily basis. Bed time stories are always a good habit. Statistics show that kids who are exposed to reading from an early age have more developed cognitive skills and find it easier to learn to read by themselves.

(5) Solving Puzzles: Kids must be encouraged to play with puzzles. Building skills in concentration and memory are a great part of cognitive development. Various activities such as matching games and toys that focus on concentration help to build a child’s cognitive ability.

The key components of cognitive skills include concentration, memory, attention, imagination and creativity. Parents must build these important skills in kid’s right from an early age in life.

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  • I think I'll always be biased towards blocks and puzzles. I've found my daughter spending hours on LEGO sets. It's so delightful not to have her watching TV. As of now, I've been resisting the urge to get her introduced to puzzles and games on my iPhone. And I know I'm only being old fashioned - will be make the change to digital soon!

    Posted on June 3, 2013 at 6:50 am