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LEGO Mindstorms: If you can think, you can create

Posted on January 24, 2013 by Raksha There have been 1 comment(s)


On 7th January, 2013 LEGO announced a new addition to its Mindstorms line, the LEGO Mindstorm EV3. It has been 15 years since the first Mindstorm model was released and the new model is going to unleash a new robotic invasion.

What exactly is LEGO Mindstorm?

To keep it simple the LEGO Mindstorm lets you create your own customized robot. This LEGO set comes with software and hardware to create small, programmable toy robots. They include a programmable brick computer, sensors and motors that control the system.

LEGO Mindstorm EV3 to unleash a new robotic invasion!

LEGO Mindstorm EV3 lets you turn your LEGO creation into live robots that follow your every command. The EV3 system operates on Linux and the brick has a USB 2.0, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Intelligent Brick has an ARM processor, embedded 16 megabytes of flash memory, 64 MB of RAM and an SD expansion slot. With 550+ Lego bricks you can create and command your wildest imagination.

Well, what’s new about the LEGO Mindstorm EV3 is that tech savvy kids can now control and command their robot using an iPad or a smart phone. These robotic characters can walk, talk, pick up objects and move around. The Mindtorm EV3 system has a color sensor and touch sensor giving you endless opportunities to customize your robot.

For some fun – Customize your robot to ignore the color of your t-shirt (for e.g. red) and snap at others not wearing red. See the fun when your friends think that the robot snaps at everyone but his master.

Thinking of when can you buy your LEGO Mindstorm? Well, it is up for release in the second half of 2013 and will be retailed at $349.99.

At the launch, the LEGO Mindstorm EV3 will include building instructions for 17 different robots. My personal favorite is the “Everstorm” - a Mohawk‐sporting humanoid that shoots mini‐spheres as it walks. Can’t wait to get this cool toy.

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  • Arijit says:

    I read the article and was almost going to give the video a skip. Gosh, these products are amazing. Hope LEGO launches these in India soon

    Posted on February 27, 2013 at 9:08 am