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LEGO Technic Builders

Posted on March 8, 2013 by Raksha There have been 0 comments

Lego Technic Builder

Are you a new Technic Builder? Yes, then LEGO Technic Builder is what you are looking out for! Technic Builders is another variation in the LEGO family. It involves plastic rods and parts that interlock to create complex looking models in a simple way. These Technical Sets were introduced in 1977. They were renamed Technic in 1984.

Technic Builder has a different building system to the regular LEGO sets. But this does not change the fact that they are still LEGO elements. These models are made with gears, pins, axels, liftarms and other elements that move, rotate and pivot.

Technic Sets are using the “studless construction methodology.” This process makes use of beams and pins. Single-stud beams have spherical holes through their vertical face. They can easily be placed in-between the studs. Also, the pins are designed to fit in the holes. This enables two beams to interlock at an angle or side by side. LEGO Technic Builder Sets works with electric motors of various types. Battery-powered being the most common.

All this sounds too complicated, doesn’t it? But it’s not! Your child can build multiple models in just few minutes. Don’t believe it? Check out a few Technic Builder playsets:

(1)     9390 Mini Tow Truck – It is a perfect vehicle used for towing things away. This Mini Truck has an operating tow hook and a realistic steering. It reconstructs into a race car.

(2)    9391 Crawler Crane – This structure can rotate and rise from the bottom. Simply position the hook and extend the arm for a longer reach. It reconstructs into a bulldozer.

(3)    9392 Quad Bike – It features realistic steering, moving front and rear suspension. Also, the engine is chain-driven with moving piston. It reconstructs into a race buggy.

LEGO Technic Builder sets add action and adventure to your child’s creation. So which action model are you gifting your child?

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