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Monster High On Social Media

Posted on August 1, 2013 by Gladstone Gander There have been 0 comments

Monster High Dolls

Who says Dolls is synonymous to beauty? We have Monsters as dolls too. Mattel with its hit brand Monster High sweeps the market. After the continued success of Barbie dolls they are focusing on these Monster dolls. These MH dolls have evolved as glamorous and independent women; she is the one partying, holidaying, and so much more. Mattel has captured the essence of a modern woman through these dolls.

Monster High uses Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, You Tube to boost its social media. They have used these platforms in the best possible manner. Let’s have a closer look at these-

Monster High on Facebook

Monster High uses its Facebook page to engage its customers. One can connect, share, view latest going-ons in the Monsters life.

Mattel hosted an event “Materialize as Monster of the week”; here one can be the Monster of the week by sharing their MH arts and pictures on the page. They have 1.3 million likes. Facebook serves to be one of the most customer engaging sites for them.

Monster High on Twitter

You can check out these Monster dolls @Monsterhigh. MH has 26,403 followers on Twitter. They have MH dolls posing in style. Even the fans can upload their pictures in their Monster look. They have 786 tweets on their page.

Monster High on You Tube

Monster High has worked a lot on their You Tube page. This page features all the web episodes of their seasons. Various tutorials, recent and popular videos are present on their page. The best part is the playlist; it has all the songs related to Monster High. They have 219,095 subscribers.

Monster High on Tumblr

Monster High has an eye catching Tumblr page. They have all the news and gossips related to Monster High. It is a platform where one can ask questions to dolls like Draculaura. There are various categories like “Art and Entertainment”, “Dig up the dirt” and much more. Their page is just another fine example of customer engagement.

Monster High Collector

While I was scrolling through the web, I came across this website.  This site is created by fans all over so that they can stay connected with each other. You name the doll and they have it. This site has all trivia about Monster High one can imagine. The most interesting part about this site is its fan following. It has subscribers all around the globe.

Summing Up

Looking at the past history, it is sure that Mattel plays well with its marketing strategies. Social media has played a major role in its success. A fine example to this can be promotion of Barbie.  It can be seen nearly everywhere. This helps them involve maximum number of customers. Well, when we look at Monster High I feel there are lot of places left unexplored. There are so many sites where they are not actively present. Pinterest, Foursquare is some to mention. Hope in the near future I can add Monster High in all remaining social networking sites.


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