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Posted on July 24, 2012 by Prashant There have been 0 comments

Tom Smith, a US-based toys entrepreneur will be moving to a new location: Concord, shortly. His shop is called Depot Antiques & Toys. This is the same guy who owned Mountain Trains and Hobbies in Manchester till 2005. He expects his demand to be better in Concord.
Its interesting to see that the toy market in the western economies has actually perhaps moved to the next phase where growth is perhaps growing stagnant.
The US and perhaps even the UK has been a fairly active market for toy shops in the past few decades.
But is it the same story in India? Quite obviously not.
Hamleys, the UK based store, opened in India only 2 years back. Until then, toy merchandise were mostly a part of other stores that sold mainly either clothes or books.
So why is this the case?
My own guess is the price of toys. Not many ideas are really open to spending large sums of money on toys for their children. And therefore, you see the toy market in India being fairly unorganized.
Now, as you see more mothers beginning to work and occupying leading roles in the corporate sphere, (a) they have a lot more money (in other terms, better purchasing power) (b) the desperate need to create a distraction for their child considering their busy livelihoods.
So let's see how long it takes for India to go where the western economy is now..

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