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Old is Gold

Posted on June 26, 2012 by Gladstone Gander There have been 0 comments

In this blogpost, my friend compares the authors he grew up on to the authors the current breed of children (that includes my kid) are growing up on.
And I certainly agree with him.
I have of course read the entire Harry Potter series authored by J.K Rowling and its nowhere near the standards that have been set by Enid Blyton.
And I don't think age has anything to do with it. To be fair, I still love a mystery.
Ashish (the blogger) has also pointed out a key difference in the writing styles of the authors of my generation (my parents actually) and my kids' generation. Its quote from his blog:
"They would have eggs and bacon for breakfast, for instance. Or they would have scones and crumpets at tea time. Cakes, treacle puddings and sandwiches would make regular appearances, while lemonade was practically a central character."
Can any of the new authors re-create the Enid Blyton magic?!

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