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Reviewing the Cuboro Standard

Posted on March 26, 2013 by Raksha There have been 1 comment(s)

Cuboro combines 2 simple things that kids love the most – Wooden blocks and Marbles. Leave a child alone with either of them and they’ll figure out some way to play with them for hours. So you can imagine what happens when you have both of them together with this toy.

Cuboro Standard is one of the basic sets of the marble run construction system. The toy consists of carved wooden blocks which are used to build a marble maze. These blocks are made of Swiss beech wood and also have tunnels carved inside them.

The prescribed age for this toy is 5 years and above. The set includes 54 cubes, 5 colorful marbles and instructions to build 2 different models. Kids can use their own creativity and imagination to build their own unique marble track. The set includes different kinds of blocks which makes it possible to build structures which are two or three stories high! That’s what makes this toy so great and unique. It challenges a child’s creativity, spatial and logical skills.

For younger kids, the Cuboro blocks can be great for some stacking activity. These blocks are a bit heavy as compared to the blocks made by Korxx. They should probably try using the same wine-cork material like the Korxx to make their blocks so that they are lighter in weight.

It was great fun playing and assembling these blocks. Most of the time it’s a suspense to see as to which hole the marble exits from. The next Cuboro set that I would like to lay my hands on is the Cuboro Mysterycube. It allows the marble to travel even in an upward direction!

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  • Parth says:

    You know, I first came across Cuboro when i was posted on an assignment in Zurich. The Swiss are quite crazy about Cuboro. Am quite happy to have chanced upon this post. I really hope you guys can get Indian parents to buy Cuboro for their kids

    Posted on March 26, 2013 at 9:42 pm