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  • Craft Cool CD Coasters with Decoupage

    The other day I was helping my niece find her favorite Barbie Doll. We landed up a cleaning a whole lot of drawers and in the interim founds loads of long lost things. We had almost forgotten that we had them. One such thing was CDs. My crafty mind thought, in this age we don't [...]

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  • What To Learn From Our Children?

    Angela Schwindt said,” While we try to teach our children all about life, our children teach us what life is all about.” While I was reading this quote, I realized there are so many things we miss in the entire process of parenting. There are so many things our children teach us and we remain [...]

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  • How About Cleaning Toys This Way?

    Buying toys is not an end to itself. There is so much more that comes into the picture. Maintaining and cleanliness is one such aspect of it.
    Some quick tips to all the parents, to keep their kids toys clean and tidy-
    Stuffed Toys: My daughter hugs her favorite Jerry stuff toy while sleeping. Being in direct [...]

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  • The Perfectly Imperfect Doll

    “This isn't going to be pretty. Rules will be broken. Friendships will be tested. And huge risks will be taken. But they're small prices to pay for true love and freedom, right?” 
    C.J.Lewis , the global marketing head of Mattel, says, the brand’s USP in bringing the teenage descendants of popular Monsters to brave the corridors [...]

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  • Monster High On Social Media

    Who says Dolls is synonymous to beauty? We have Monsters as dolls too. Mattel with its hit brand Monster High sweeps the market. After the continued success of Barbie dolls they are focusing on these Monster dolls. These MH dolls have evolved as glamorous and independent women; she is the one partying, holidaying, and so [...]

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  • Top Tips For Buying Infant Toys

    No two kids are alike. Even it applies to close siblings. One might be busy decorating her Barbie’s closet or braiding her hair, while other would be solving his puzzle, building a Lego or playing with Fisher Price Whistle and go. Like their adults counterparts, even kids develop their own tastes and preferences.
    The entire human [...]

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  • Is Barbie Aging?

    Mattel came up with their first quarter results for 2013 and it seems like Barbie is aging. It’s no longer their best selling girl brand. The chubby American Girl and the descendants of scary monsters are stealing the limelight.
    Mattel mentions that they are very happy with their girl’s portfolio. The big contribution by the American Girl brand [...]

  • Barbie Hairtastic Color & Wash Salon

    One of the things kids like most about Barbie is hair play. Girls love spending time styling and brushing Barbie’s hair. So, why not wash them? Well the Barbie Hairtastic Color and Wash Salon features hair play with a new twist. Coloring, Styling, Shampooing and Washing Barbie’s hair is what this toy allows kids to [...]

  • Monster High is coming to India!

    Mattel announced that they are soon launching Monster high dolls in India. These dolls were first launched in 2010 and have become a must have doll for every little girl. Within a short span of 2 years, these dolls grossed the 2nd highest doll sales after Barbie.
    What is Monster High?
    Monster High is a toy brand [...]

  • Barbie to sell her Dreamhouse in Malibu for a whooping $25 Million

    Have you heard the latest Barbie news? Seems like Barbie is packing her bags to move out from her Dreamhouse in Malibu. Yes, that’s right!
    The Barbie Dream House is on sale for $25 million. It’s a beautiful three story mansion. The mansion faces the beach and has only three walls to avoid any obstruction of [...]

  • Best Movie Toys! (Part 1)

    The film industry has a lot to offer to kids. From beautiful fairytales to action packed movies, they’ve made them all. And they didn’t stop there. They went on to make some more money by selling the rights to produce and sell toys related to their movies. Genius!
    Here’s a list of some of the awesome toys [...]

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  • The Barbie story…

    Barbie was the creative imagination of Ruth Handler who saw her daughter play with paper dolls and often gave them adult roles. She suggested the idea to her husband Elliot co-founder of Mattel Toy Company. However, he was unenthusiastic about the idea. Ruth went to Germany and saw an adult figured doll, Bild Lilli. She [...]

  • Welcome Barbie's same new neighbour

    Remember her? That's Sindy and she used to be Barbie's neighbour.
    She's planning a comeback after 50 years (and I dont think she will sport white hair!). Its the same Exter-based Pedigree Toys that wants to license the brand and recreate the magic.
    According to media reports, she will be marketed mainly in the UL and Europe and she [...]

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  • A few good stories

    Why is everything pink associated with females? Why does everything connected to barbie have to do with girls?
    And must stories always be about princesses? (And what's the fascination with Snow White anyway: Two Snow White movies (english) have released in the last two months!)
    Here are some stories that will trigger the geek gene in your [...]

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  • A most difficult thing: Choosing gifts for kids

    The most difficult choice in the world after choosing your baby's name has got to be selecting a toy as a gift for your 7-year old niece. She's just graduated from kindergarten and she is not into the conventional Barbie. She already has the basic set of toys: train set, robot cars, clay and a [...]

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  • Toys and Games

    I am amazed to know that the number of movies based on toys and board games exceeds 100. (Refer Wiki's list)
    Of this list, the only two movie names I recognize include G.I Joe and The Transformers. Of course, I shall exclude Barbie as I was never the target audience for the toy and the movie. How [...]

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  • Toy Commercials

    When was the last time you saw a toy commercial on television? I'm not sure if I am watching the right channels now  but its been ages since I've seen one.
    GI Joe and Hot Wheels used to my favourite ads.
    Barbie is the only toy that is being advertised regularly now.
    Of course, there are critics who talk [...]

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  • The Toys Story

    Tim Lambert has written a very interesting article on the history of toys.
    Some interesting facts:
    1) Doll houses were first made in Germany in 1558. (And yes, I did read Raksha's post on Barbie. More on that in another post)
    2) Inflated pig bladders and knucklebones were used as toys and games by children in Ancient Greece
    3) John Spilsbury [...]

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  • Girls, Toys & Technology

    If you thought Barbie was all girl and no "toy", think again! This is especially for you two 'boys': Prashant and Gladstone Gander.
    Alice, Bettina and Jennifer will be my role models henceforth. And here's why:
    Having graduated from the top engineering schools in the US, the girls have started a company Maykah to builds toys which involve [...]

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  • The Toys Story

    Tim Lambert has written a very interesting article on the history of toys.
    Some interesting facts:

    Doll houses were first made in Germany in 1558. (And yes, I did read Raksha's post on Barbie. More on that in another post.
    Inflated pig bladders and knucklebones were used as toys and games by children in Ancient Greece
    John Spilsbury made the first [...]

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  • The Expensive Toys

    Every time your child eyes a new toy, no matter how much joy it brings to his/her face, your mind still wanders to the damage it does to your pocket..
    Don’t feel guilty :) and take heart. Your kids are yet to see some of the most expensive toys in that case:
    First up, the toy soldier: Made [...]

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