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  • 6 Manners To Teach Your Little Ones

    My parenting style is “laid back”. I allow my kids to be kids. I do not expect perfect angels out of them but, if they come up to me and say-“Mommy, May I please have chocolate milk” and then say “Thank You” after receiving it, it just melts up my heart.
    Before mentioning simple manners that [...]

  • Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Christmas Eve With Kids

    Deck the halls or Ho..Ho..Ho… We all know that Santa is just around the corner. He is all set to paint the town with colors of joy. Christmas time is indeed cheerful. On this occasion we decided to take a break from all the materialistic pleasures and spend some family time. So, here’s how I [...]

  • A Tortoise Walks Around On A Lego Wheel

    Recently, LEGO was in news all over the world. A Doctor in Germany cured a tortoise with a Lego wheel. I wish, even if we in India could use LEGO blocks in such a way. Here is the story of what happened in brief-
    A tortoise named Schildi was found injured, in the countryside of Germany [...]

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  • Yellow Giraffe Diwali Giveaway

    C .Joybell C  rightly said “I think that the best thing we can do for our children is to allow them to do things for themselves, allow them to be strong, allow them to experience life on their own terms, allow them to take the subway... let them be better people, let them believe more [...]

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  • Craft a Candy Sticks Box With Kids

    My love for craft is increasing day by day. Looking at the kids, creating new and amazing craft items in their schools keeps me going even more. Me and my kids are big collectors and are constantly thinking of ways to recycle waste.
    During the normal cleaning chores in the house, I came across some used [...]

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  • Easy Ways To Organize Your Kids Toys

    Don’t you feel your house is some hotel for the toys? They check in any time they wish, but never seem to leave. You wish to have a magic wand that can clean your house and keep it organized. So not with a magic wand, but yes with some quick ways you can definitely keep [...]

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  • DIY Photo Tiles Craft

    Last week while surfing on Pinterest for some unique ideas to build with LEGO blocks I came across this cute DIY idea. So, here I am back sharing another easy DIY craft project with you. This is cute, simple and a fun way for you to break-free and make something memorable.
    What you'll need
    (1) Photos
    (2) Wooden [...]

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  • Ganesha And Toys

    “You are the speaker, you are the listener and you are the giver- You are Ganesha. The entire country is in the festive mood of celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi. The only thing I see these days is the beautiful idols of Ganesha all over. Ganesha teaches us a lot of things and the best way he [...]

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  • Happy Friendship's Day !

    “A friend is someone who knows the song in your heart, and can sing it back to you, when you have forgotten the lyrics.”
    As Friendship’s day is around the corner, I would share an old incident with you. I still remember my neighbor yelling at his son- “Don’t waste your time on your friends, they [...]

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  • Top Tips For Buying Infant Toys

    No two kids are alike. Even it applies to close siblings. One might be busy decorating her Barbie’s closet or braiding her hair, while other would be solving his puzzle, building a Lego or playing with Fisher Price Whistle and go. Like their adults counterparts, even kids develop their own tastes and preferences.
    The entire human [...]

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  • Decoupage Pen Holder Craft For Kids

    If you are into crafts, it is likely that you must have heard about Decoupage. Decoupage paper crafts, have kind of gone viral in the recent few months. Well, what is this Decoupage all about?

    Decoupage is the art of decorating an object by gluing paper. Colored paper cut outs are glued onto objects and then [...]

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  • Child's Perspective Of A New LEGO BLock

    Numerous reports proved that children learn better when they use all their senses – See, touch, hear, smell and taste. Imagine a child who is creating a dinosaur with a play-doh. They are using all their senses while doing so, they can feel the clay and smell it too. Isn’t that the right way to [...]

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  • How Toys Help With Cognitive Development Of Your Child

    Have you ever wondered how children make sense of this extraordinarily complex universe that we live in?

    If you observe kids, it becomes so obvious how their minds are a curious blend of logic, fantasy and faulty reasoning. It’s not uncommon that when a child hears a sudden loud sound, they may say oh my god [...]


  • LEGO to build their first toy factory in China

    LEGO the industry leader in the category of building sets and blocks announced plans to build their own factory in China. The factory will be set up in Jiaxing which is around 100 kms from Shanghai.
    LEGO’s move to open a factory in China is in recognition of the growing toy market in Asia. LEGO sales [...]

  • LEGO Technic Builders

    Lego Technic Builder

    Are you a new Technic Builder? Yes, then LEGO Technic Builder is what you are looking out for! Technic Builders is another variation in the LEGO family. It involves plastic rods and parts that interlock to create complex looking models in a simple way. These Technical Sets were introduced in 1977. They were renamed Technic in 1984.

    Technic Builder has a different building system to the regular LEGO sets. But this does not change the fact that they are still LEGO elements. These models are made with gears, pins, axels, liftarms and other elements that move, rotate and pivot.

    Technic Sets are using the “studless construction methodology.” This process makes use of beams and pins. Single-stud beams have spherical holes through their vertical face. They can easily be placed in-between the studs. Also, the pins are designed to fit in the holes. This enables two beams to interlock at an angle or side by side. LEGO Technic Builder Sets works with electric motors of various types. Battery-powered being the most common.

    All this sounds too complicated, doesn’t it? But it’s not! Your child can build multiple models in just few minutes. Don’t believe it? Check out a few Technic Builder playsets:

    (1)     9390 Mini Tow Truck – It is a perfect vehicle used for towing things away. This Mini Truck has an operating tow hook and a realistic steering. It reconstructs into a race car.

    (2)    9391 Crawler Crane – This structure can rotate and rise from the bottom. Simply position the hook and extend the arm for a longer reach. It reconstructs into a bulldozer.

    (3)    9392 Quad Bike – It features realistic steering, moving front and rear suspension. Also, the engine is chain-driven with moving piston. It reconstructs into a race buggy.

    LEGO Technic Builder sets add action and adventure to your child’s creation. So which action model are you gifting your child?

  • All about Lego Duplo - Preschool Building Toys

    LEGO is a line of small plastic bricks that interlock together to create almost anything imaginable. Cars, planes, trains, ships, princesses and even working robots are just a part of the very short list that can be created with LEGO bricks.
    LEGO bricks help kids even as young as 18 months to kick start their career [...]


  • Best Movie Toys! (Part 2)

    We were discussing the best toys based on movies, in the earlier post: Best Movie Toys! (Part 1). The list doesn’t end there. The list continues…
    6. The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn
    Meccano brings to you a collection of construction toys based on the movie The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the [...]

  • LEGO Mindstorms: If you can think, you can create

    On 7th January, 2013 LEGO announced a new addition to its Mindstorms line, the LEGO Mindstorm EV3. It has been 15 years since the first Mindstorm model was released and the new model is going to unleash a new robotic invasion.
    What exactly is LEGO Mindstorm?
    To keep it simple the LEGO Mindstorm lets you create your [...]

  • LEGO – Legends of Chima

    Noticed trailers of Legends of Chima yet? It played first on Cartoon Network after the recent last episode of Ninjago. It’s the next big release by Lego for 2013. The new theme by LEGO has its TV show made by the same creators as Ninjago - Ramiel Chamaki Silva and Mika Yamamoto.
    So what is it [...]

  • Movies, Action heroes and Toys

    Should I feel guilty about not buying my daughter these action hero toys? With the release of these super hero movies, related merchandise activity is obviously huge!
    1. Avengers:  Hot Toys, a Hong Kong based company, has the license to manufacture toys based on the characters of the movie.  So the available character toys include Nick Fury [...]

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  • Perfect solution for those Lego toy pieces on the floor

    If you're constantly torn between the positive of having lego toys, and the grief of clearing up after your kid, here's a solution that'll take your heart!

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  • Toy buying habits

    Have been digging around for some trends in relation to toy buying habits. A few conundrums that I drew up
    1.  At the heart of toy purchase are adults, not kids! So kids gets exposed to toys that adults feel will help them acquire relevant skills. Marketers note
    2.  The role of toys in upbringing is very [...]

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  • 7 websites for your kids to explore

    Here's a list of 7 sites for your little ones
    1. Meet the Smurfs: Play a game. Discover their history
    2. Gruffalo: Song clips. Games
    3. Seussville: Games. A helpful section for parents
    4. Lego: Games
    5. Roald Dahl: Check the party pack link
    6. Kids @ National Geographic
    7. Peter Rabbit: Meet the characters. Games
    Wishing you hours of learning & fun with your kid. Do let me know [...]

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