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  • Crafting with Quilling Magnets

    I have always been a craft person. So whenever I am visiting anyone, I tend to analyze the craft items people have in their homes. This time when I visited my cousin, I saw some amazing magnets she got from Dubai. I got really excited.Those magnets resembled so much to my favorite [...]

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  • Top Tips For Buying Infant Toys

    No two kids are alike. Even it applies to close siblings. One might be busy decorating her Barbie’s closet or braiding her hair, while other would be solving his puzzle, building a Lego or playing with Fisher Price Whistle and go. Like their adults counterparts, even kids develop their own tastes and preferences.
    The entire human [...]

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  • Gifting Ideas For First Birthday

    It’s hard to believe but the little new born is now celebrating their first birthday. By now most babies have learned to sit up, crawl, pull out to stand or maybe they are even taking their first steps. They are beginning to interact, grasp things and are giving adorable hugs and kisses.
    Thinking of what to [...]

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  • Is Barbie Aging?

    Mattel came up with their first quarter results for 2013 and it seems like Barbie is aging. It’s no longer their best selling girl brand. The chubby American Girl and the descendants of scary monsters are stealing the limelight.
    Mattel mentions that they are very happy with their girl’s portfolio. The big contribution by the American Girl brand [...]

  • Gifting Ideas for Newborns

    Are you looking to welcome a new baby? Struggling with what to buy? A gift for a newborn is a special way to welcome the baby to this world. While most of us want to be seen as thoughtful gifters, deciding on a gift for a new born can be a big stumbling block. You [...]

  • Understanding How Pretend Play Changes With Age

    Much has been written about make believe play or pretend play in all parenting magazines and books. It seems that we all understand it perfectly. But I feel that understanding of make believe play across age is still not a very talked about topic, especially among us mothers. Pretend play starts as early as 9 [...]

  • Does Technology really help children?

    Have you heard of the ipad case that doubles up as a teething toy? I am not sure Steve Jobs envisioned this ever!Fisher Price sells this or $35 as the Laugh and Learn apptivity case!
    So Fisher Price follows the method of spelunking,meaning, to explore caves. The company watches children play. A similar strategy has been [...]

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