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Skylanders announces “Skylanders - SWAP Force!”

Posted on March 2, 2013 by Raksha There have been 0 comments

Skylanders is mixing it up with the new Skylanders SWAP Force. Yes, you’ve heard it right! Activision disclosed their new game based on Skylanders Spyro Adventure and Giants. “Skylanders Swap-Force” is the one! It launches 16 mix and match Swap Force Skylanders, 16 new Skylanders, 16 returning Skylanders and 8 LightCore Skylanders. Players can combine them to make 256 new characters. Each of the 16 Swap Force have a particular base which represents mini-games. Your child can use the ability of that particular base to fly, walk or climb.

The first 3 figures announced are – Magna Charge, Wash Buckler and Blast Zone. The new figures reveal swap-ability as they have interchangeable torsos. The fun part about this toy is that it lets the characters jump! The three Swap characters are like this:

(1)    Magna-Charge

Magna Charge is named so as he has magnet on his top half. The toy is capable of picking up enemies and objects and throwing them around.  A high speed wheel on his lower part makes it one of the fastest Skylander.

(2)    Wash-Buckler

Wash Buckler is a pirate octopus. It is slow as compared to the other characters. Your child needs to swap the lower half to improve its speed. The upper part has a Cutlass and a Bubble-gun attack. Wash Buckler uses his Tentacles at the bottom to attack and climb.

(3)    Blast-Zone

As the name suggests, “Blast-Zone” is a strong fire figure. His top half has a rocket attack with electronic rocket boots at the bottom.

Guess what’s great about this toy? The levels you previously earned with old Skylanders will still work with this version. Yes, that means the Portal will support “Skylanders Spyro Adventure” and “Skylanders Giants”. But the new SWAP Force will require a new Portal of Power. The Portal is slender as compared to original one.

About Skylanders: Activision published a series of video games and labeled it as “Skylanders.” The game has physical toy figures and a Power of Portal. This Portal has an ability to read their tags. It interacts with the figures and changes colors.

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