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SpinShotz by Hot Wheels

Posted on May 21, 2013 by Prashant There have been 1 comment(s)

SpinShotz by Hot Wheels

SpinShotz is one of the new series of toys and tracksets launched by Hot Wheels. SpinShotz are basically spinning discs that spin at hyper-speed. In other words, a highly engineered version of the good old spinning table tops. These discs spin really fast for a very long time without making a sound. The series not only opens up a new line of toys for Hot Wheels but allows them to compete with the famous Beyblades.

Getting into the finer details of the SpinShotz discs, these discs are well designed to spin for a long duration at a high speed with perfect balance. The grove on top of the disc allows the launcher to fit perfectly on to the SpinShotz. Wound the disc on the launcher, more turns you make on it the faster the discs spin.

Apart from this, Hot Wheels have given these discs an extra edge by magnetizing the tip of these discs. This key addition to the toy has more than one advantage. The magnetic tip allows kids to stack the SpinShotz discs on top of each other while spinning!

The other advantage of the magnetic field on the SpinShotz allows Hot Wheels to do what they do best - Tracksets! Hot Wheels have managed to make these spinning discs move along a track just like cars. A magnetic strip is placed along the tracks to guide the SpinShotz. This clever innovation combines the fun of spinning tops and tracksets.

Like the wide range of Hot Wheels cars, SpinShotz have a wide range to collect as well. They come in unique designs and features. SpinShotz discs are categorized by the action that they are specially designed to perform best like speed, endurance, acceleration and stunting. Choose the discs that best suit your personality.

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  • Ha, ha ... reminds be of the indian spinning toy. I really miss those. The SpinShotz may hopefully inspire some Indian toy manufacturer to relaunch the glorious Indian spinning toy

    Posted on June 3, 2013 at 6:52 am