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The end of Summer

Posted on June 1, 2012 by Raksha There have been 0 comments

Back when I was in school, and this dates back to two decades, summer time meant that it was time to learn something interesting from some really awesome person for us kids. Back then, summer time also meant a good two month vacation. Back then, we had no routine; we were outdoors mostly..enjoying with our friends and making new friends (friends’ cousins/friends who’s visit from some other town).

My eight year old nephew enjoys none of the above. For him, summer time means a little additional time at tuition classes he goes to round throughout the year. Summer time is also a month shorter although the scorching heat has deigned to stay with us for longer now. My nephew has a routine planned in advance and he has to stick to that. And I wondered if this was the case only with him. But I checked with a few peers, a majority falls in same league as my nephew.

So this is for all you moms out there (except the Chinese moms!): Don’t have a plan. Let your child explore and connect. Push them out..

And if you would like to participate, here are some crafty tips from Sherri Osborn!
As for my nephew, his school starts Monday. So until next summer!

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