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Things I didn't Get Before Becoming A Mom

Posted on November 26, 2013 by Raksha There have been 0 comments


Parents are weird. They sing goofy songs in public to make their child smile. They talk in baby language and do random stuff. During my pre-mommy days, I use to find these things so annoying. I promised not do such gross things. Now they are things I don’t even regret doing. Here are a few of them.

You just won’t understand until you are a parent

This is most common statement parents use to make, and I wondered why they say so. Is it that big a rocket science that I can’t understand? Or is it just a way to avoid explanations. Now, I realize what those parents meant. I totally understand now.

Posting infinite pictures on Instagram/Facebook

Posting number of baby pictures in different poses, was so annoying. I use to wonder, people have nothing else to post than this. I use to upload pictures of my pet or food or anything apart from kids. At present, my profile only has my kid’s pictures. If you have a cute human posing for you, what is the harm?

Giving in to feeding demands

I had sympathies with parents running behind their kids, trying to feed their children. I thought why to fulfill their demands. If they would feel hungry they will eat on their own. Now the equation has changed, I feel there is no point fighting over some veggies. If my child wants to have a pizza, let it be. I will balance it out during other meals.

Parents who wiped bodily fluid with their hands

“You just wiped your child’s running nose with your hands and then wiped it on your pants. How pathetic is this? Don’t you have any self-respect?” Well that’s not true. We do have self-respect. But if there is no tissue, then what to do. Plus you have given birth to this little creature, so it is just like wiping your nose. What say?

Using wipes for everything

I use to see my friends using wipes for everything, whether it is cleaning the window pane or their counters. It was the most disgusting thing I thought. Now, I get it. Wipes are the most awesome thing on this planet. Thanks to these wipes for saving my life again and again.

I am just ‘so busy’

“I am just so busy”Well, it is nothing new. Everyone is busy. What is so special about it? My mommy friends kept on telling this to me. My reaction use to be as usual: So? But now I know, what they meant. Before parenthood, I had weekends to myself. Now I have a 24/7 job and that too without getting paid.

These were some of the things I could recall. I am sure all parents out there would agree with me, and some would even have more to add to the picture. So tell me do you remember any such things?

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