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Top 10 YouTube videos for kids

Posted on March 2, 2012 by Prashant There have been 0 comments

I've compiled a few kids' videos over the past few days - an email survey amongst a few parents.
Have fun ...
1.  Dr Seuss’s ABC
2.  Jungle Book. Colonel Hathi patrol
3.  Winnie the Pooh – We go together
4.  The Wiggles – Making fruit salad
5.  Jungle Book. Bare Necessities
6.  Beauty and the Beast sing along
7.  Hakuna Matata
8.  Bambi
9.  Growing up Giraffe (Animal Planet)
10.  One for the slightly older ones. How Disney cartoons are made

Lastly, here’s a treat for the adults. If Led Zeppellin sang “Green Eggs and Ham”

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