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Top 5 Dance Forms For Children

Posted on February 21, 2013 by Gladstone Gander There have been 1 comment(s)

Is dancing only important for the dancer? No, dancing has been a very important element of entertainment for both the performer and the audience. Dance whether performed socially or competitively, has a huge impact on the performer’s health. It is advisable to start dancing at an early age as it has a positive impact on kids. Dancing is a form of exercise. Kids learn coordination, flexibility, memory, balance, stability and discipline. Various forms of dance affect a child’s development. Confused which form of dance is well suited for your child? Here's a quick list of top 5 dance forms for children.


Created in 1970s, today hip-hop includes a number of styles like popping, locking and break dance. It is popularly known as street dance. It was created by a bop crews in the United States. Films like Breaking, Beat Street, Wild Style and the television show Soul Train featured their dance style and gave them lot of popularity. Internet has played a major role in introducing hip-hop outside US. It has become famous in the recent few years. Hip-hop is best suited for older kids and teenagers. Choreography is quiet complicated in this dance form. The performer requires the attitude and gymnastic moves to do this form of dance well.

Latin dance

Latin dance is most popularly known as ballroom dancing. Lately, this dance form is gaining fame on the dance floor universally. Many movies like “Dirty Dancing” display the beauty of Latin dancing. They seem to be loved among the dancers as well as the non-dancers. Now, parents also wish to learn dances like tango, salsa, and cha-cha-cha. Various forms like mambo, rumba, samba, salsa, cha-cha-cha and tango form a part of ballroom dances. Kids need to put in a lot of effort to master this dance form. It demands a high level of commitment from parents as well as children.

Ballet dance

Ballet started in the Italian Renaissance courts of the 15th century. It slowly moved to France and Russia as a concert form of dance. Ballet is a very polished form of dance and requires a lot of practice. It forms a base of many types of dance and is taught in dancing schools around the world. The opportunity to dance in a frilly dress and satin shoes attracts little girls to learn this magical style of dancing. The dancers convey their passion through this form of dance. Ballet helps to develop discipline and strength among children. It requires 5-6 years to learn and start performing.

Modern Jazz dance

Jazz is a dance style that originated from African American vernacular dance forms. It was commonly practiced till 1950. Modern jazz was introduced in 1950 and has its roots in Caribbean traditional. It is a good form for all the child beginners. Today dance instructors have been combining various other forms like contemporary with modern jazz. The excellent combinations make dance enjoyable and pleasurable. Modern jazz is more intricate as compared to other forms of dances.

Tap dance

Tap dance is an energetic dance performed by striking the shoes against the floor. It began in mid 1800s and has its roots in African American dancing. It is a great introduction for children in the world of dance. It helps them build physical co-ordination as they tap on the beats of the music. It also develops a perfect body posture. It is a good way to exercise and kids can learn dramatic expressions along with dancing.

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