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Top Tips For Buying Infant Toys

Posted on July 23, 2013 by Gladstone Gander There have been 0 comments

Infant Toys

No two kids are alike. Even it applies to close siblings. One might be busy decorating her Barbie’s closet or braiding her hair, while other would be solving his puzzle, building a Lego or playing with Fisher Price Whistle and go. Like their adults counterparts, even kids develop their own tastes and preferences.

The entire human development offers some guidelines, when it comes to selecting toys for kids. It is a fact that no two kids will benefit from the toy in the same way. But, the toy would be able to teach kids to sit together, throw a ball, and hold a rattle. So it becomes important to select the toy according to the chronological age of the child. One should remember that the toy selected should be a good fit between the toy and the child developmental skill.

The very first stage is the Infant stage. During this stage the most treasured play thing for babies are their mom and dad. They are fascinated by looking at them. They start observing their eyes, clothes, voice. Parents themselves are a high entertainment for the baby. The baby starts exploring and recognizing their surroundings.

Parents during this stage should focus on toys that offer babies to explore new shapes, colors, and sounds. Babies get more attracted to visual and sound effects .Light weight toys like rattles and squishy toys should be encouraged. The ones helping in grasping and holding is a good selection. There are other toys that your baby can play with. Musical toys, Stuffed toys and Activity toys are some toys which help infants learn and have fun at the same time.

Thus, a good fit between the toy and the developmental level is of high importance. A toy that is below a baby’s developmental level will soon become boring. The one that is too challenging will lead to frustration.  So as an adult, see what suits your baby the most.

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