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Toys from Pollock Toy Museum - Part 2

Posted on July 11, 2013 by Gladstone Gander There have been 0 comments

Hope you enjoyed reading Toys from Pollock Toy Museum Part 1. Here are some more toys from the Pollock Toy Museum.

Toys from Pollock Toy Museum


In 1895, Golliwog made his first public appearance in “The Adventures of Two Dutch Dolls”. It was published in London and New York by Longmans Green & Co. Florence Upton made the drawings and her mother Bertha Upton wrote words for it.

Whenever Golliwog comes in mind, it reminds of the extremely popular American Kentucky minstrels in the 1880’s.

Shusha Debussy liked Golliwog a lot. In order to make her daughter happy her father wrote “The Golliwogs Cakewalk” for her in 1908.

Teddy Bears

Toy bears have been in toy cupboards for over a century. But it was only in 1903, Teddy Bear was born. In November 1902, a political cartoon appeared in the Washington Post showing Theodore Roosevelt refusing to shoot a bear cub while on a hunting expedition in Mississippi.

Morris Michom, an enterprising small store owner in New York, came out with a plush toy based on the bear cub picture. He took the president’s permission to call it “Teddy’s Bear”. It was an instant success. Many of the bears now residing at Pollock’s carry scars from generations of affectionate owners.

English and German Wax Dolls

In the Victorian period, London toy makers were responsible for making wax dolls. From fine quality liquid wax: head, arms and legs were made. To attach this to a stuffed fabric body, a thread was used. Glass eyes were inserted, features and complexion was tinted. Hair was inserted in separate tufts in the doll’s head.

It is great to see the games we played with or even our children are playing now, are so old. After going through these games, you need to take your kid to the Pollocks Toy Museum, and show him the previous versions of the games he enjoys now.

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