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Twistoys - Creativity with a New Twist

Posted on May 30, 2013 by Prashant There have been 1 comment(s)


Twistoys is a new toy brand run under the Sunlord Company in India. Twistoys products can be categorized in the arts and craft category.

What are the products like?

Twistoys works on the ‘twist + tie + decorate’ motto. They are basically tubes of white cloth filled with soft beans. The soft white tubes can be twisted and tied into various shapes. With Twistoys you can create a monkey, an elephant or maybe even a flower.  The possibilities are endless. These shapes can then be painted and decorated.

What is the Twistoys philosophy?

The company decided to come up with a product that would provide at least 2 hours of electronic free creative entertainment to kids. They wanted to make this possible for the kids at a price less than that of a movie ticket. Twistoys believe’s that if children have the option to treat the world as a canvas, they would come up with beautiful masterpieces. They are doing exactly that by giving the kids a white canvas, in the form of a soft tube that they can twist to make various structures.

What I like about the product?

Twistoys products can spark a child’s imagination. Playing with such DIY products encourages exploration, creativity and curiosity in a child. Kids can imagine, create and decorate with a whole new twist.

Suggestion for improvement

I feel that the product is novel and unique but there is a scope for improvement. Looking at the current packaging, I would be hesitant to buy the product. It should be made more appealing to deliver the true value of the product. Another point is that the product comes with sketch pens for coloring purpose – it takes too much effort with a sketch pen to color the structure well – they should provide small bottles of paints for better result.

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  • Am so delighted that some serious toy design work is being done here in India

    Posted on June 3, 2013 at 6:55 am