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What Would You Invent To Make Parenting Easy?

Posted on August 22, 2013 by Raksha There have been 0 comments

Mother and Baby

I wish I could marry Kevin Peterson. I know it sounds silly, but then it is just a wish. We all have infinite number of wishes. Some silly to our minds, while some to others. But wishes like- I wish I could pee alone, I wish I could get some sleep, I wish to go out on a vacation, up to a grocery store would also do. I wish, I wish, I wish and the list goes on and on… what would you call them then? Well, my best friend Maria named them as her “Bucket List 2013”.

Apart from us being best friends, Maria also happens to be a new mommy. Let me tell you all, this funny-tragic wish list came out only because of a simple question: How’s life going? To this I could only hear- “I used to want it all, now I just want to pee alone.”And then rest was history. After 5 months, we spoke and this was all we discussed. In my mind I was laughing to glory and found her stories to be too cute. But, then somewhere I could feel the joy as well as the challenges of being a parent.

To ease out her agony, her best pal thought of making her smile. So I asked her, what would you invent to make parenting easy. The answers were as follows-

Robot or Thomas and Friends character can come to life and entertain my baby and make sure that they don’t cry. I can at least follow "Grey's Anatomy", spend time alone, and pamper myself. All this has just become a memory.

Change of diapers, some instrument that might change my baby’s diaper at a regular interval without bothering me.

Potty training Instruments, this is the most difficult thing to do. So, may be an instrument that can help my baby potty train.

Technologically upgraded Pacifiers, Feeding seems to be a herculean task. I don’t remember when was the last time I slept properly. So, whenever required these advanced pacifiers should make my job easy.

Yeah, before I forget may be something that could stop unsolicited advice people give on different situations. This is a major one by the way, Raksha.

This list would have continued. But, thanks to my maid who rang the door bell and I had to disconnect the phone. For me it was the most hilarious conversation I had ever heard.

Maria’s bucket list 2013 seems impossible. But, I wish this could work somewhere in 2030. It just reminds me of how a simple question can give you days and dose of laughter. So to enjoy some chuckles in your life, don’t forget to ask your mommy friends-

How’s life going?


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