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Why we love our toys

Posted on June 21, 2012 by Raksha There have been 0 comments

Psychology tells us that if we grow attached to a particular toy, it is nothing but a substitute for a secure relationship. As a child, I was quiet attached to my brown beanie (a stuffed rhino). Of course, I have now outgrown that stage. Thankfully though I have never lost it. But there are some who have lost their loveys, and can now choose a replacement, according to Cheryl Alkon.
She is of course talking of replacement options in the USA and I am not sure there are any in India as of now.
But the popular repositories for the 'lost and found' toys include
a. ebay : no surprises there. You can also post a note in the want it now section.
b. Lost my Lovey LLC
c. Plush Memories

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