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Your Kid's Birthday Is No More Expensive

Posted on September 3, 2013 by Raksha There have been 0 comments

Happy Birthday

Larry Lorenzoni quotes,” Birthdays are good for you. Statistics show that the people who have the most live the longest.” Birthdays are special indeed. They are a way of expressing gratitude and love about ones existence.  When it comes to your kids, it’s all about making them feel special.

Here are some cost effective and high-on excitement ways to celebrate special occasions -

The Do-it-yourself principle:

Stick to the basics of art and craft and involve your kids in organizing their own party. Start with handmade invitation cards and return gifts. They will not only look cool but also display your toddler’s artistic abilities. One can also experiment with origami craft for decorating ideas.

Homemade and healthy:

Opt for home made recipes instead of splurging on readymade food products. This may take some effort but planning ahead of time is a key to this genius. Plan a healthy yet simple menu for the birthday party. Take help of a few friends and folks and make sumptuous yet attractive delicacies at home.

Bake’em  cakes:

Love, sugar and dough are all it takes to bake that perfect fluffy love that your kids will pounce on. Involve kids in decorating their own birthday cake. Simple techniques like using Cadbury gems or jam-layering for decorative purposes are quite a hit.

Involve your family & friends at the party:

Stick to traditional group activities like dumb charades, dog-and-the bone to entertain your kids and their friends. A bunch of fun activities or simple magic tricks can be an add-on.

Plan your party indoors or someplace that doesn't require reservation:

Instead of spending a fortune on up-town reservations, one can opt for community gardens or one’s own backyard for celebrations. One can implement their own party ideas in an economy manner. Moreover familiar backdrops make for amazing memory lanes.

These are only a few guidelines at making your toddler’s day special. However, kids have a mind of their own. We’d suggest you sit down with them, discuss their ideas and wants. This will only add to the celebratory mood. Apart from this make your kids aware of the true happiness ideal. Impart the lessons of “Charity begins at home” and the joy of giving.

Birthdays are about spreading love and happiness. It’s these simple homely activities that will last forever. Cherish these moments with your kids.

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